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83 ways to save money as a family in Dubai

Cut costs in 2015 with our ultimate guide to saving money as a family...

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Cut costs in 2015 with our ultimate guide to saving money as a family...

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1. “Keep your eyes on social media for special offers. Subscribe to email lists and Facebook groups that are relevant and you won’t miss out on a deal’ Kellie from Mama Knows Dubai.

2. Always ask if entertainment venues offer residency rates. For example, Ski Dubai and Aquaventure at Atlantis both offer generous discounts.

3. “Try not to get caught in the culture of buying expensive gifts for every birthday party. Handcrafted items are usually far more appreciated.” Aimee Collett from Paddington Nursery.

4. Forget expensive birthday parties. Host your own with a home-baked cake, traditional games, and homemade playdoh as favours.

5. Make the most of free days out. Arabia’s Wildlife Centre in Sharjah and Posh Paws in Dubai are free for kids, whilst Al Ain Zoo costs just Dhs5 for kids under 12.

6. Check for special offers at kids’ play areas. For example, Fun City outlets across UAE offer free play with spends of Dhs100, 150 and 200.

7. Most family brunches offer complimentary dining to kids under a certain age, so check details before you book.

8. Collect loyalty cards. Shop around for cards that offer the points system most relevant to you and your family.

9. If you have more than one child, always ask whether facilities offer a sibling discount.

10. Make the most of the great outdoors during cooler months. You can’t beat a day on the beach or at the park.

11. Arrange a weekly play date with friends, rotating around your houses and giving the kids dinner when it is your turn to host.

12. Take out membership at a public library to save buying expensive books, such as The Old Library in Dubai and The Corniche Library in Abu Dhabi.

13. Sometimes the journey can be the adventure – and kids will love a trip on the cheap-as-chips Dubai Water Taxi.

14. When it comes to family dining, explore the older parts of town for culture, exotic cuisine, and big savings.

15. Shop for clothing at budget stores like Carrefour, Centre Point, and Splash.

16. Shop during big sales, such as Dubai Shopping Festival between January 1 and February 1.

17. Don’t feel pressured to keep up with the spending of visitors. Suggest affordable activities or home-cooked meals when you want to join them.

18. Look carefully at nursery and school fees before you apply for your kids; you will find it hard to turn down the place once offered. For nurseries, the Time Out Kids Nursery guide is a great starting point.

19. Shopping can often be cheaper overseas, so register for a Shop & Ship account – but make sure you work out delivery costs before ordering.

20.“Check what offers your credit card offers – many in the UAE offer buy-one-get-one free deals for cinemas, restaurants, or gyms.” Jenny and Laura, founders of Mum’s The World.

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