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What to expect from early years education

UAE-based teachers on how you can expect to see your children change at school

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1 – Nursery

Aimee Collet, manager and owner of Paddington Nursery in JLT, Dubai

How do children change and develop at this age?
As children play, we see them develop new social and emotional skills to come up with their own ideas and solutions. The changes are huge from the day a child starts with us to the day they ‘graduate’. It is wonderful to watch and be part of!

What fears do they tend to have?
Children tend to feel anxious and not want to separate from parents at the start of the day. This usually continues for a week and with support and a warm, friendly teacher, your child will be feeling relaxed and confident when arriving at nursery.

What motivates the children?
It depends on the age, but I find that if you encourage children to attempt new activities and experiences, all children will become motivated and independent learners. Free-flowing classrooms and stimulating daily activities will ensure a child is successful.

How would you describe friendships at this age?
Most children don’t tend to form ‘real’ friendship until they are a little older. Once a child is about three, they tend to have a small group of like-minded children that they approach to play with or naturally sit next too at lunch.

What is it like teaching this age group?
Highly rewarding! Being able to watch a child grow over a period of time is rather special and makes me feel very proud.

What advice would you give to parents?
Relax. I know this is hard, but if you have faith and trust in your nursery, all will be fine. Ensure you keep communication flowing and that you support your child’s teacher by continuing the learning process at home.

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