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The Snail and the Whale book review

Mum's book review of the week: Find out what we thought of The Snail and the Whale children's read

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“Then the humpback whale held out his tail. And on crawled snail after snail after snail.” We adore this line from Julia Donaldson’s book, perhaps because it’s so great to say out loud – and once they can read, your kids will love it, too. Plotwise, a snail gets a bit bored hanging around on a rock and hitches a lift around the world with a whale. Seeing the planet in all its glory, the snail realises how small and insignificant he is. That is, at least, until he manages to save his beloved whale pal by drawing on a blackboard. That “restless” feeling is something a lot of expats feel. And, yes, we can all feel small sometimes. But, as this tale reminds us, we all have the power to change.

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