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Dubai family interview: Meet the neighbours

Maria Kaklamanou lives with her husband Kostas, and their son Antonis, 18 months old, in the Springs area. Time Out Kids finds out what life is like for her family living in a peaceful part of the city

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How long have you been in Dubai?
We have been living in Dubai for three years, since October 2012.

Why do you think Dubai is good for families?
I think it offers a safe environment for children to grow up. There is lots to do and there are a lot of good schools. 

How long have you lived in Springs area?
We have lived in the Springs since we moved to Dubai, so three years ago.

Why did you choose this neighbourhood?
We liked having a garden to enjoy the outdoors during the winter. Plus, it’s really quiet, safe and the children can play outside for seven months of the year.

Did you have your kids in Dubai? If yes, where and how was the experience?
Yes, our first son was born in Dubai last year, and we are expecting our second one in December. We were very happy with the doctors, midwives and the hospital. Everyone was very professional and treated both mum and baby really well!

Have you found it easy to meet other mums here?
Actually not really. Most children in the park are accompanied by their nanny. Hopefully, when our son starts nursery it will
be different.

What family-friendly activities are nearby where you live?
During summer, we go to the playground at Marina Mall and during the winter there are dozens of options.

Are you planning to stay put in Springs area?
For now yes, although we’ll need a bigger house now that the family is growing!

What do you do in your free time away from the kids?
My husband Kostas enjoys going kitesurfing in his free time. I enjoy going shopping.

Favourite things

Mother-child activity in Dubai
Our favourite mother-activity is going swimming at the pool. It’s lovely and very relaxing.

Family hang-outs in Dubai
We would say the beach at JBR. We go there a lot to meet friends. We like going to a Greek restaurant which is located there.

holiday destinations
We love going to the Greek islands on holiday! This would definitely be our favourite holiday destination.

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