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Money saving tips for expected mums

Babies are awesome, but expensive. Victoria Bentley asks Mama’s Box for some ways to spend less on them

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First of all, think about extenders. It can be tempting to buy new trousers from your fifth month of pregnancy, but by your seventh month even these will probably no longer fit. Instead, extend the time you wear your old ones a little longer by using the Belly Belt, used to extend trousers, shorts and skirts. It’s also great for post-delivery. Bra extenders also help when dealing with constant changes in bust size.

Limit quantities. After months of research on which baby bottle brand is best, it might be tempting to go out and buy ten, just to try them out for yourself. But take it easy and buy one or two to start with. It’s likely that your baby will have a different opinion to you anyway and may not like the bottle at all. The same applies to dummies, nappies and all those other baby essentials. Go for multipurpose. Instead of buying a breastfeeding cover, a swaddle and a pram cover separately, buy one large soft muslin, which can be used for all of these items.

Also, buy one body pillow that can also be used as support for breastfeeding and as a support pillow for your baby. Slow down on the baby clothes shopping. It’s exciting buying clothes for your unborn baby, but just remember, babies outgrow clothes in a matter of weeks, especially in the first few months. And you’re very likely to get A LOT of baby clothes as gifts.

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