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Mini Exchange market place in Dubai

Time Out Dubai Kids finds out more about Mini Exchange, the children's market place and delivery service in Dubai

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What is Mini Exchange?
An online marketplace that caters for mums, babies and kids, from newborn to 16 years of age. We stock everything from Havaianas and Gingersnaps to Baby Jogger and Chicco, as well as Frozen- and Minions- branded products. You order, we ship to your front door in 48 hours.

How did you start up?
I worked in mergers and acquisitions after university. However from day one, I was challenging the system, questioning why big organisations always did things the same way, time and time again. I had a passion for buying and selling on eBay and after seeing a gap in the market for Mini Exchange, I decided to set the business up.

Why is your site easy to buy from?
We’re focused on two things. First on customer experience and usability, and second on having the widest product range for mums and kids. More than half our customers shop on their mobile phones, so we launched a mobile site earlier this year. We’re very focused on having the widest product range in the region. We currently have more than 30,000 products from more than 600 brands, and those numbers are growing daily.

What are the most popular products?
Pushchairs and Pampers. We typically sell these a lot cheaper than in many stores and we offer free delivery, too, so it’s a win for everyone.
Check out the full product range now at www.miniexchange.com.

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