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Magic Phil magician in Dubai - interview

Time Out speaks to one of the most popular childrens entertainers in Dubai. Here we have a Magic Phil magician in Dubai interview

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Magic Phil, 25

The witty wizard on performing tricks and a charity mission in Jordan...

When did your love of magic start?

When a magician came to my party. I don’t know who he was, or even if he was invited, but he was there and was amazing. Since then, I’ve wanted to make others feel like I did on my seventh birthday.

Does magic run in the family?

My father wasn’t a tall guy with a long white beard. He’s in fact quite the opposite, so no, this isn’t a profession or skill my family is known for.

What is the best bit about your job?
Working with children every day and seeing them smile and laugh means it’s a job well done. Its an addiction, that feeling you get when you walk out on stage is amazing.

You performed as part of a charity mission to Jordan. How did that come about?
It occurred to me that there was maybe something more I could do, so in 2015, I did shows for around 900 Syrian children in Azraq Refugee Camp and for orphans in Amman.

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