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Party planner in Dubai from Tumble Time

Time Out speaks to a party planner in Dubai from Tumble Time, a Dubai company who rent bouncy castles, pool inflatables for birthday parties

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Mary Jane Bajado
The Tumble Time live wire has been spreading joy in Dubai since 2009

How did you get into party planning?
I am a happy, outgoing person who loves being around children. My sister was already working in an events company and she showed me that I could earn a living having fun and doing what I loved.

What’s the best bit about your job?
Every day is different. One day you could be sitting at your desk planning a balloon design for a princess tea party and the next you could be at a party dressed as Spider-Man playing musical webs.

What makes the ultimate party?
We love it when the children are having such a fantastic time that the adults forget their age and join in. The best parties are well-planned and full of smiles!

Which has been the most memorable party you have put on?
A magic show at the top of the Burj Khalifa. Our client wanted to propose to his unsuspecting girlfriend at sunset and have the magician produce the ring with a magic trick at just the right moment. I don’t think we’ll ever forget that spectacular event.

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