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Sing in Dubai cinemas

An A-list cast become animal talent show acts for Sing

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For some, Matthew McConaughey will always be the dimwit heartthrob from Failure To Launch or How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days. For others, they will now mostly associate him with his stunning, chest-thumping turn in The Wolf Of Wall Street, or his Oscar-winning glory in Dallas Buyers Club.

For director Garth Jennings, though, Matthew McConaughey was something else altogether. He was his perfect koala.

“Obviously, if you were watching True Detective, you wouldn’t be going, ‘There’s my koala!’ But when you see the range of his work, it’s so diverse and he just seemed like the perfect choice,” Jennings told Entertainment Weekly recently. “And we were proven right within the first ten minutes of his first session – it was just fantastic!”

The man who previously made The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy teamed up with Illumination Entertainment – the company behind hilarious smash hits like the Despicable Me franchise and The Secret Life Of Pets – for Sing, his first animated movie.

The plot is simple and the cast is A-list. McConaughey’s koala, Buster Moon, faces the closure of his beloved theatre, so he cooks up a plan to launch an X-Factor style talent show to save the day.

Enter stage left an all-star cast of heavyweights, including everyone from Reese Witherspoon (as loveable mom, Rosita), Scarlett Johansson (a punk rock porcupine), John C. Reilly (a Suffolk sheep), Taron Edgerton (a rebel gorilla), Seth MacFarlane (a crooning mouse), and Tori Kelly (a shy teenage elephant), for some proper musical monkey business.

“We needed people who could be incredibly optimistic and always to the point of it being infectious, but without it being irritating,” says Jennings.

“And that’s what we got.”
Sing is out now in cinemas across the UAE.

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