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IVF treatments in Dubai

50 percent of women are facing issues when they try to conceive. Is IVF an answer?

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There is an infertility crisis in Dubai, with recent DHA statistics telling us 50 percent of women are facing issues when they try to conceive. And one of the most heartbreaking aspects of this crisis is that some couples simply cannot afford to get treatment. For those eager for a baby, despite the challenges in their way, the cost of fertility treatment is a huge consideration, especially when not all medical insurances cover it. With three cycles of IVF costing approximately Dhs90,000, these are very weighty concerns.

With many clinics here meeting the needs of couples desperate to start a family, Bourn Hall Fertility Centre has stepped forward to address the financial implications and try to alleviate the stress of an often-depleting money reserve with its IVF Shared-Risk Financial Program. And as it has been scientifically proven that the so-called “stress hormone”cortisol can reduce the chances of conceiving by almost one-third, by reducing this financial strain couples can increase their chances of a successful cycle.

So, how does it work? Simply put, a couple can avail up to three fresh cycles of IVF for a discounted fee that could save patients between 30-50 percent on the cost of treatment, with a 100 percent refund if the patient does not have a baby by the end of their third cycle. Success is defined as having a baby, not just getting pregnant.

Amin Neghabat, Group CEO for Bourn Hall International says, “We are able to divide the financial risk between the patient and the clinic, so this maximises their chances of success while minimising their financial risk.”

While factors such as age add to the equation, research indicates that on average a third of patients have success after their first IVF cycle. The success rates generally increase and can escalate anywhere from 65-80 percent by the third IVF. And a study in the US conducted on 1,000 shared risk patients suggests 75 percent of all couples enrolled were successful. “We are taking the entire journey with the patient by not just ensuring that she conceives but delivers,” says Neghabat. [That] or your money back, guaranteed.”
Bourn Hall Fertility Centre Al Hudaiba Awards Buildings, Block C, Jumeirah, www.bournhall-clinic.ae (04 705 5055).

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