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Most children join a sports club to have fun, but you never know what hidden talents might emerge with the right coaching and determination

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It’s no secret that Dubai is awash with great places for children to burn off energy, learn to be team players and have lots of fun along the way. With so many professionally run sports clubs to choose from there really is somewhere for everyone to cut their athletic teeth, from cricket to football to swimming and so much more. And if your child shows a real grit and determination to succeed in their sport of choice, then being part of the right club is a very important part on their journey to potential greatness.

Mark Gaitskell, managing director of M&S Sports, believes that it is important for clubs to go that extra mile to give young athletes a competitive edge and his club has recently collaborated with Embody Fitness, an Olympic-standard personal training facility, to spur on its elite athletes.

“Some of our strongest kids have been with us for a number of years and have progressed seamlessly through the levels,” he says. “We now are in the position to help further enhance their performance levels by giving them access to something extra.”

The partnership enables coaches on both sides to spot potential talent and nurture and develop it in a healthy way. The first group of children to take advantage of this opportunity will be chosen from the M&S elite triathlon and swimming programmes in the next few weeks.

As part of the process they will take part in strength and conditioning training at Embody Fitness, and enjoy the benefit of expert nutritional guidance and access to a specialist coaching team, containing ex-Olympians and trainers who have coached at the very highest level.

With a team of professionals looking after their fitness journey, the aspiring stars will not only improve their performance but will also learn the right mechanics to reduce injury risk and excessive wear and tear on their joints. They will also be taught some great lifestyle habits, such as the benefits of adequate sleep, correct nutrition and the recovery strategies which will aid them in reaching their potential.

Being surrounded by top-class athletes will help the children to understand what is expected of them as they bid to turn pro themselves and they will receive some sound advice from these sports stars.

“We want to teach them how to strive for excellence but to do so in the right way so to reduce the risk of injury, and to enhance their progress and ability,” explains Rob Richardson, director of training at Embody Fitness.

So, for all those parents who spend half their lives packing up kit bags with running shoes and goggles and rubbing aching muscles after training sessions, matches and meetings, perhaps it’s time to do some due diligence on your club of choice as you ready your future star for the podium...
Visit www.mandssports.com and www.embodyfitness.ae for more.

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