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Baby talk

Becoming a big sister or brother is the start of a new journey for little ones. So how can we best prepare them for this life-changing event?

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Diane Danzig, author of Babies Don’t Eat Pizza – A Big Kids’ Book About Baby Brothers and Baby Sisters, knows a thing or two about preparing older siblings for the new arrival. A neonatal and pediatric nurse, she has worked as an educator on numerous healthcare subjects, including sibling preparation, and her book aims to give children feelings of intimacy, empowerment and reassurance. Dealing with everything from how the new baby develops to coming home from hospital and what happens next, the charming tale is peppered throughout with self-affirming phrases for the new big sib to ease the transition a little – “Stand up, take a bow! Hurray for you!” is sure to make them feel good about themselves. It even includes some top tips for parents on how to deal with potential sibling rivalry.

Lily Kandalaft, CEO & Founder of Malaak Mama and baby care agrees that reading stories can help with the transition of a new sibling joining the nest. When awaiting her latest arrival, Kandalaft chose lots of different stories for older son Ryan to enjoy, so that he made sense of the changes happening around him. She shares, “I bought him a book called Pirate Pete, I’m a New Big Brother by Amanda Li and he absolutely loved it! It’s about a little pirate boy seeing what a great new adventure it will be having a little baby in the house, and his new role as a big brother.”

Reshma Yousuf, Senior Educator at Blossom Village Nursery Dubai, advises that any visual aid, be it a book, a craft or a simple picture, can spark an understanding in the sibling to be, making it a great way to introduce the idea of a new baby. She tells us, “We had a few favourites such as Baby on The Way, by one of my favourite authors in this field, William Sears. And we also found that imaginatively adding the impending new arrival into night-time stories worked a treat!”

So, as you wait for your youngest child, curl up and enjoy a story with your eldest.
Dhs 63, Babies Don’t Eat Pizza, www.amazon.co.uk Dhs 45. Pirate Pete, I’m a New Big Brother by Ladybird, www.magrudy.com Dhs 55. Baby on The Way, William Sears, www.magrudy.com

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