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The walls are alive!

Why hang artwork on your walls when you can do real greenery?

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Here at Time Out Kids, we are ridiculously excited to discover Plantart, a newly launched, evergreen artistic space in the popular Sustainable City development, that’s all about pushing interior design boundaries in an environmentally-friendly way.
And at affordable prices.

Founder Adam Al-Jamal explains: “Plantart provides flowers, gift items, indoor and outdoor plants, pots, and green interior décor, and most of the products we offer are unique, rare, and, most importantly, natural. The design of the shop captivates customers since we only used simple, natural materials, designed in a way that it showcases the importance of natural design and indoor landscaping.”

We live in a world now where indoor air quality is increasingly poor, which is why Al-Jamal is so passionate about spreading the love for indoor plants.

“In Dubai, poor indoor air quality is a huge issue due to dust and air-conditioning,” Al-Jamal explains. “The most important benefit of indoor landscaping is the fact that it changes the air quality of the room. Plants work as nature’s most advanced air filters and work almost 24/7 to refresh the air and to filter out toxins.”

The flora at Plantart is pitched at around the same price as some of the largest wholesalers in Dubai, which is even better news for you, the customer.

May all your green-fingered dreams come true!
Open daily, 10am-8pm, The Sustainable City, Wadi Al Safa 7 (04 221 6434).

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