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Win a year’s supply of free pizza

Create your own pizza and win a prize worth up to Dhs3,500

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We know everyone loves pizza and that’s why there’s a competition you’ve got to enter before this month ends.

Gather the kids and create your own pizza to win a year’s supply of PINZA! pizza – a UAE home-grown concept that’s neither pizza nor flatbread.

All you have to do is log onto to the Deliveroo app and find the “Build Your Own PINZA” option. From there, you’ll automatically be enrolled into the competition.

The goal is to make the pizza as unique as you can. To help you do that, the team at PINZA! has added some unexpected ingredients to the menu including a sweet potato base, mixed cheese with truffle, Italian sausage and asparagus.

Definitely not your average margherita…

How about a mashed potato spread with truffle cream and pecorino? Or chilli tomato topped with tandoori chicken and asparagus?

Come up with a creative name for your design and include it in the “Dietary Requirements” section on the app.

The catch? There’s always a catch. You only have until Wednesday February 28. Winners will be selected in the last week of February by a taste-testing committee (fun job!).

The winner’s creation will be included in the menu and you’ll get free pizza for an entire year.

Pizza night? We’ll make sure we order the Time Out Kids UAE special with a side of asparagus – because we’re healthy like that.
For more information, visit www.deliveroo.ae.

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