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Meet the mini fashion influencer

It’s hard to believe that a love for fashion can start so early on, but two-year-old American-Lebanese toddler Jayden Joshua Diab is proving that it can. #fabulous

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Jayden’s love for fashion started when he was just 18 months old. “I discovered his unique sense of style every time we went shopping,” says his proud mama Christine Wakim. “He would get very picky with the accessories. Since then, he has never left the house without matching sunglasses, a hat or scarf.”

Working the look with his sweet poses and a wardrobe full of cute brands, Joshua’s fashion sense inspired his mum to start a blog among family and friends to show off his serious style skills. Then the unexpected happened. “I started receiving messages from people asking ‘where’s today’s post?’ or ‘what’s the outfit of the day?’ and this was when I figured we needed to go public.”

Wakim’s goal wasn’t only to promote her kids’ fashion sense, but rather change a common misconception among UAE kids’ retailers that fashion is more of a girls’ thing. “I think with more brands investing in boys’ fashion and mums becoming aware of the importance of fashion to express kids’ personality and individuality at a young age, we can change this belief.”

In Jayden’s case, his mum insists that when it comes to picking outfits, he’s the primary decision-maker. But how do you get a toddler to enjoy anything other than a play area in the mall, or even to go shopping for that matter?

“Toddler mall trips can be really challenging, so I try to turn them into fun games to hold his interest. I let him pick what he likes and I’m flexible when it comes to his preferences,” says Wakim. “Honestly, he often picks unique pieces that I wouldn’t dare wear if I were him, but when he mixes and matches, the result is always something beautiful with his own taste written all over it.”

Wakim advises new mums to use their shopping trips as learning experiences for things such as colours, numbers, characters and words. “I tried this out with Jayden at an early stage and now I find our shopping trips to be educational, with him also gaining some social skills including waiting for his turn, asking for help, being polite, etc.”

Fashion and blogging helped baby Jayden with shyness, too. “Most of the time, he’s pretty comfortable, especially if he’s wearing a new outfit and wants to show it off, so he smiles, makes eye contact, poses, and just comes back in the end to check on his photos,” Wakim says. “That doesn’t mean that, like any toddler, he wouldn’t ignore me sometimes, especially if he has other things on his mind.” Would these include future career goals? We can’t really tell, but we see fashion in Jayden’s future.

“Everyone loves to make career predictions for their kids. For me, when I look at Jayden, I think he has strong verbal, interpersonal and social skills and communicates his thoughts very clearly,” Wakim says. “With his outgoing personality, he’s likely to become a successful entrepreneur, politician, blogger or social media expert. I’m quite sure he’ll still have an eye for fashion, as he’s growing up, too. For now, I hope this blog will help him develop his personality and express himself, whether it be in fashion or any other field he might find himself interested in.”

Social media is said to be one hot career choice for future graduates, so we’re sure young Jayden won’t have any trouble getting into his dream job.

Aside from all the fashion influencer fun (and pressure), Jayden’s mum says that he’s just a little naughty kid, making mistakes that often drive her crazy, yet she ends up falling in love with him more every single time.

“I remember once I was coming home late from an event that I was organising and when I opened the door, I found his aunt, grandma, and grandpa standing and clapping. Apparently, they couldn't move because Jayden had instructed them to do so until he finished his dance,” she says.

“Nowadays, whenever he does anything wrong, he draws a smile on my face by saying ‘sorry, I love you’ with a big hug and kiss. How can I stay mad after that?” We can’t blame ya, mama.
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