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Ramadan 2018 school times in Dubai

Classes will run for up to five hours during the period

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Dubai school timings for Ramadan have been announced by officials.

Classes will run for up to five hours during the period, according to the Knowledge and Human Development Authority.

The ministry told Time Out Dubai: "Historically, schools function for 5 hours during the month of Ramadan."

Schools have been told that days which start at 8am should not go on past 1pm, or alternatively classes can run from 8.30am to 1.30pm.

Mohammed Ahmad Darweesh told Arabic newspaper Al Bayan that schools have been requested to temporarily cancel physical education classes.

Children, staff and parents who are non-Muslim and are not observing Ramadan have been asked to have food only in specially designated areas as a courtesy to those who are fasting.

Ramadan is an important time in the Islamic Calendar, when Muslims fast (also known as sawm) from sunrise to sunset for approximately 30 days. Doing so is one of the five pillars of Islam.

This year it's predicted to be from Tuesday 15 May to Thursday 14 June, so click here to read our guide for the important details.

The dates change annually as they’re determined by the sighting of a new moon – for many Muslims, from Saudi Arabia.

The start and end of Ramadan will be declared the day before, so keep an eye on Time Out Dubai for all the latest updates.

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