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Avengers: Infinity War interview

Avengers: Infinity War is ten years and 19 movies in the making. We talk to the stars about the epic project

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Ten years in the making, Marvel Studios’ latest movie, Avengers: Infinity Wars was released in the UAE at the end of last month.

Bringing to the screen the ultimate, deadliest showdown of all time, The Avengers and their superhero allies have everything to lose, and must be willing to give everything up to try and defeat the powerful Thanos before his blitz of devastation and ruin puts an end to the universe. We hear what the stars had to say about this epic cinematic showdown…

Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor Strange) on what he enjoyed most about coming into this world
The thing I enjoyed most about it, in comparison to the other mediums I work in, is that actually, this was all the fun of the fair. It was all the things at your disposal. You can work with a stunt team that’s world-class, and you can work with trained martial arts experts, wire teams that have been doing it for 30-odd years, choreographers, and movement experts. And then you get to amalgamate this character through that and the costume and the input of make-up and brilliant make-up designers like mine, Donald McInnes. It was a collaborative thing.

When you’ve got that many people pooling their resources and talent together, it’s really something to enjoy. There’s still pressure on you to manifest all that stuff and make it one coherent whole, but you get a lot of help getting there, and that was exciting.

Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man) on the evolution of Iron Man’s suits
If you’re first on sight for an innovation, you go through all of the models until you get to a working one. By the way, I have no complaints about any of the suits I ever wore, because they worked for exactly what we needed them to. I remember once being on some rooftop, which I’m pretty sure wasn’t in the first movie. But Tony’s on the roof, and I’m wearing all these suit pieces. And they put the helmet on me and lit up the lights. All I could see was the inside of the circuitry of the helmet. And then they said just take about five steps forward. It was an exercise in faith. But even recently we were shooting a scene that completely reminded me of the old Tony workshop days. So the Tao of superhero film-making at least as it’s unfolded in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has remained very much the same.

Tom Holland (Spider-Man) on Peter Parker’s evolution and what his role is now he’s with the Avengers
He’s grown up quite a lot, but Tony Stark isn’t ready for him to have grown up that much. So he questions Stark quite a bit. Stark is very happy to put him back in his place, which is a lot of fun. And it’s just nice for me and Robert to get to do something different and new. At the end of Homecoming Peter is invited to join the Avengers and doesn’t think he’s ready. He’d rather stay on the ground and look after the little guy. But in this film that choice is taken away from him because he now has a responsibility as a superhero in this world to help and do something about it. And that’s how he sort of joins the Avengers by default.

Karen Gillan (Nebula) on what’s happening with her character
Nebula has always had a clear agenda throughout the Guardians movies, which is to seek revenge on her father Thanos because of the abuse that she has suffered and the terrible upbringing that he inflicted on her. So to see that intertwine into the whole Avengers storyline is pretty satisfying for me. Now it’s like all of these other characters have the same agenda for slightly different reasons. But we’re all fighting towards the same thing. So it’s just exciting for me to hopefully see Nebula have her moment of revenge against her father.

Josh Brolin (Thanos) on what it was like tackling this role
Marvel gave me a lot more leeway than I would’ve assumed. From an acting point of view, it’s been a real labyrinth to find my way through and really challenging in the best way. This is stretching my imagination if not more than most things I’ve done because you have to fully imagine it while you’re in a motion-capture suit.

Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow) on where her character is at the start of Infinity War
It’s hard to say because there’s a two-year period between Civil War and the start of Infinity War. There’s a lot to explore there, but certainly I built a back story for my own character that really finds her in a place where she is more determined than ever to be as strategic as possible and to keep everything under control as much as she possibly can. She’s kind of gone rogue. She and Cap are trying to monitor and take care of as much as they can without having the structure that they had in the safety of the Avengers. They’re operating their own team, so to speak. It’s kind of rough when we first find them. I imagine that Natasha is a little bit hardened from what she’s experienced and what she’s had to go through.

Chris Evans (Captain America) on what it was like stepping into the world of Wakanda
It’s exciting to change up the scenery. Each character has an environment that they fit in, and it’s nice to move some of those pieces around and cross some lines. I feel really lucky that I got to be the one to go and infiltrate Wakanda. It was great working with Chadwick Boseman, too. He’s just a powerhouse. He really is so talented. In my opinion he should have an Oscar already.

Chris Hemsworth (Thor) on how the role of Thor in this film was explained to him by the Russo brothers
Anthony and Joe said that the Thor: Ragnarok Thor probably won’t fit in this film. You can afford to take bigger risks and be wacky and re-invent the entire world to support your version of the character if it’s your title film. But if you come into an ensemble, like Infinity War, you need to adjust and fit into the mold and the tone of that film. And this really is Thor at his best, as Joe and Anthony described it. This is the most heroic, most vengeful, passionate, driven, committed version of Thor that we’ve seen. So, it was fun to again explore something completely different.

Mark Ruffalo (the Hulk) on what we will love about this movie
I think audiences will love the scope of it and the fact that all of their favourites are in it. Everyone has their favourite character, Marvel movie, and Marvel world. It’s a daring act, and it takes a lot of chutzpah to imagine this and to try and make it happen, so the culmination is going to be really exciting for people to see.
Avengers: Infinity War is out now, in cinemas across the UAE.

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