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Hotseat: Mark Steed Director, JESS Dubai

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The school director explains why he loved economics, never got sent to the naughty corner, and how the slipper was part of his school experience

Where did you go to school?
Howbridge Primary School, Witham, and King Edward VI Grammar School, Chelmsford, in the UK.

What was your favourite subject and why?
Economics. I was taught by three teachers who had very different political views and each presented economics in an entertaining way.

What’s your most memorable school moment?
Collecting the trophy as House Captain for winning the inter-House championship.

Did you ever get sent to the naughty corner and why?
Naughty corners hadn’t been invented when I was at primary school in the early ’70s. Back then children were still given the slipper if they were naughty – I can’t remember ever getting the slipper!

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