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Mum group supports women in business

Female Fusion is a Facebook-based group for Dubai mums on a mission

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There may be many mum support groups in Dubai, but whenever there’s a cry for help over a nagging business question – or even something as generic as not quite feeling settled in the emirate – mums know where to find the answer.

One of the most active UAE support groups on social media is Female Fusion, a community support group for women in Dubai who run their own businesses or are leaders within a business environment – as well as those who are looking for support. The group provides support, answers and inspiration on a daily basis to over 3,000 members: asking questions, and sharing recommendations, learning opportunities and visibility for their own businesses.

“My own experience shows that women supporting other women is an essential part of success,” says Kellie Whitehead, Female Fusion founder and owner of Mama Vents and Mama Media. “Starting or running a business is a minefield of so many different things, from legal set-up and logistics, to juggling family and personal wellbeing. My business has always primarily been female-focused – working directly with consumer mums and female-led marketing and PR concepts and companies.”

With the growth of Facebook groups as community tools for authentic networking and support, Female Fusion’s social media presence was born three years ago. “I’m a mum of three and work with many other mums who have taken the entrepreneurial leap,” adds Whitehead.

When it comes to common questions, most queries in the group are about logistics, legal and marketing, Kellie says. “Many of our ladies run e-commerce businesses and the logistics and challenges of local courier services and delivery options provide our most frequently asked questions,” Whitehead explains. “Female Fusion is deliberately organic – there’s no commercial impetus from my end and that means we’re probably the most authentic platform for support. We have no formal panel of experts, yet there are many qualified and experienced professionals within the group who constantly contribute their own advice and help – there’s room for all, and different opinions and routes to market are welcome.”

Female Fusion is living proof of how – interaction-wise – members respond best on a natural, human level, finding sisterhood in similar experiences, including being a mother in Dubai. “Raising children isn’t for the faint-hearted! Raisng a family and running a business is another thing entirely. Dubai offers unprecedented opportunities for women who want to create their own adventure, work around their families and create flexible working options,” says Whitehead.

To that end, there can never be enough support group opportunities for those who want to connect online. From mums who live in the same area or with kids attending the same school, to others who share a love for make-up, opportunities to connect are popping up everywhere – and we’re not complaining!

According to Kellie, all you need to do is ask and everyone will offer to help – no matter the request. “You want help? It’s there, it’s everywhere, but you must reach out – there are hundreds of thousands of women in Dubai who have been where you are and would drop anything to help you with whatever your challenges are today, whatever you need to find and to share a hand, a smile or a shoulder – just ask!”
For more information, visit www.facebook.com/groups/FemaleFusionDubai.

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