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Keep the kids fit with Music Monkeys

Encouraging movement through music-based activities boosts growth

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An Abu Dhabi-based mum of four boys, Lisa Irwin was looking for a way to introduce music to children early on as the primary teacher knew the value of having them move to rythm at a young age.

“Music contributes to what experts call a rich sensory environment. It can forge pathways between cells in children’s brains, stimulating them and helping other areas of learning,” says Irwin.

While exposing babies to music at a very young age (even in the womb) can make these connections, the biggest impact is when the baby or child is actively participating in musical activities.

Irwin created Music Monkeys to introduce this concept through a structured learning approach with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework in mind.

“We don’t just sing along to a CD, we encourage mums, dads, grannies and nannies to engage with the children and sing along with the teacher, ensuring they’re getting the most out of their classes,” she adds.

The classes, catering to children from three months to four years old, are divided into age-specific groups tailored for their development.

Sessions are now running across various locations across Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Al Ain, with weekend and afternoon slots in some.

Irwin adds: “Kids have fun while learning and sing the songs we teach them at home. It’s the perfect way to keep moving and growing.”

From Dhs50. For more information, visit www.musicmonkeys.ae.

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