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Eco Warriors

Forget the economy – we’re on the verge of an energy crunch. Get green tips from children living in Dubai

Mention the words ‘eco friendly’ and many people of our generation will still conjure up a hazy ’70s-inspired mental image involving long-haired, slightly smelly hippies. (Thanks to the bells adorning their tie-dyed flares, we can hear them even before they drift into our mind’s eye and hug a tree.) Nowadays, however, having an environmental conscience is cool, which may explain why our kids are often more informed than us on global warming – and how to reduce it.

To prove the point, while Time Out Kids was very excited at the prospect of doing our bit by publishing this feature, when it came to actually writing it we were a bit stumped. On the surface, this is not a city that makes living in an environmentally friendly manner easy – in fact Dubai has the world’s highest carbon footprint per capita. But being a friend of the earth here is possible when you know how. We decided to go straight to the top and consult a gang of Year Five students with a difference.

Introducing the ‘Heroes of the UAE’, Captain Air Con, Earth Angel, Electra Efficient, Megawatt Boy and Princess Cool Rinse, who have been working alongside the Emirates Wildlife Society in association with the World Wildlife Fund (EWS-WWF) and the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi (EAD) to encourage UAE residents to reduce their energy consumption and, ultimately, slow – or maybe even halt – the progress of global warming. If you want to redress your household’s kid-to-adult knowledge balance and get clued up on all things green, read the heroes’ tips and consider yourself taught – you never know, your little smartie pants may even start asking you for advice on how to save the planet...

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