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Icely does it

When asked to make their own ice cream, our kids rub their hands in anticipation and set out determined to create the best chocolate ice cream in the whole world. But taking the ‘Just Like Home’ ice cream maker out of its packaging, we grown-ups are a lot more sceptical. ‘Can this thing really make ice cream? Nah! Not possible,’ we mutter to each other.

The kids have no such qualms and launch into the process with gusto, meticulously gathering the recommended amount of milk, whipping cream, sugar and their preferred flavour – in this case, chocolate syrup. Meanwhile, my friend and I set about assembling the various parts of the ice cream maker. Like all contraptions it’s easy – in hindsight. We battle away the first time, but once we’d fathomed it out, it was a piece of cake (pardon us for mixing our desserts).

The machine works by adding ice, a hefty glug of salt (150g) and some hot (yes, hot) water to a drum, to which you then add the loose ingredients and rotate by hand to create ice cream. Now, we’re not claiming to be boffins, but we’re curious – if not a little doubtful – as to whether this is going to work. After five minutes of rotating (you need to have strong arms and be prepared to take turns) there’s still no sign of any ice cream and the little ones are losing interest.

But with a bit of adult elbow grease, a lot of patience (around 20 minutes’ worth) and, according to the kids, some spooky magical intervention, creamy, chocolatey and, even if we say so ourselves, darn delicious ice cream begins to ooze out, much to everyone’s joy and relief.

Kid’s verdict: ‘It’s the best ice cream I’ve ever had and we’ve made it at least three or four times since and each time, it just tastes better. My friends in the apartment next door came over and Mum allowed us to make ice cream together. It’s a bit boring to keep turning the thing but Mum helps with that bit and we all got to eat the ice cream. My friend is now asking her mum to buy one for her too. It’s the best thing I’ve made so far and I think this product deserves five gold stars.’

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