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Sanity savers

Summer in Dubai can be a nightmare with kids. Here's how to survive it

Get chilled out

Dubai’s frenetic pace of life can sometimes make us forget the art of relaxation. Take some time to just be still with your kid, and you’ll both feel better for it.

Photo albums
Back in the days when our cameras had good old-fashioned film, we had photo albums – remember? Kids love seeing pictures of their parents as youngsters, and can often scarcely believe it’s their boring old mum and dad in those long-haired, fresh-faced pictures. Settle down on the sofa and you’ll easily while away an hour or two flicking through the albums.

Indoor camping
Kids love camping but it’s impossible in the summer months. Why not bring the great outdoors indoors, and set up their tents inside the house? Get the sleeping bags out (and airbeds if you’ve got hard floors) and they’ll be occupied for hours. Probably a good idea to forget the camp fire, though.

Home cinema
Stock up on films that you all want to watch – we recommend Pixar or old musicals, depending on your taste – buy some popcorn, shut the curtains against the midday sun (and so they don’t notice when you fall asleep) and snuggle up on the sofa for an afternoon of doing absolutely nothing. Bliss.

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This really really gives some truely practical and cool ideas.
I must admit that I could find any such to beat these when I browsed the net for similar activites.

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