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Mummy cool

Pregnant? Struggling to look good while keeping cool? Time Out gathers three stylists and a mum to be to show how you rock the bump

Sweat patches, melting make-up, humidity-frazzled hair... Looking good in the heat is tough for us all, but when you’re carrying 10kg of excess weight and your ankles have swollen to the size of small balloons, it can seem like a losing battle – so we enlisted the help of Dubai’s top stylists. The challenge? To provide our pregnant volunteer, Tanja Peters, with fab outfits for work, weekends and black-tie events.
See how they got on...


Rona says: ‘Tanja works in a highly creative environment so I wasn’t looking for traditional officewear. As well as adding flair and reflecting her creative side, the leopard print in the top creates a great optical illusion: we don’t want to hide the fact that she’s pregnant but at the same time sometimes it’s nice to wear something loose as it gives flexibility. Black trousers are always useful as they’re versatile; Tanja can dress them up or down depending on whether she’s in work mode or mum mode. When you’re pregnant, your centre of gravity changes and the arch in most women’s feet collapses temporarily, so it’s important to wear supportive shoes. I thought these black ones would dress up her daywear. The bag is definitely the splurge item but I love the colour of it!’

Tanja says: ‘The combination of the leopard print and the bag looks nice and dressy. I’m not a classic dresser usually, but for business this outfit is good – and it makes me look a little more competent! The jewellery is great, it’s certainly my style, but I wouldn’t usually wear animal prints. However, I would feel comfortable wearing this, it’s nice.’

Leopard print top Dhs109, H&M

Black trousers Tanja’s own, originally from Mamas & Papas

Black shoes Dhs205, TopShop

Turquoise crocodile skin bag Dhs5,500, www.nottinghill design.com

Bracelet set Dhs40, TopShop

Necklace Dhs125, TopShop

Time Out Dubai,

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