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Renowned for its excellent neo-natal intensive care unit, this government hospital also does prenatal care and deliveries, charging Dhs7,000 for a normal birth and Dhs10,000 for a C-section

Antenatal classes covering labour, obstetric interventions, C-section and pain relief, and coping after the birth. Evening sessions run over eight weeks and should be completed before the 36th week of pregnancy

There are three antenatal packages available here, depending on the stage of pregnancy

Dr Galia Kalotova conducts antenatal consultations at the Belhoul European Hospital. Deliveries take place at Belhoul Speciality Hospital. Consultations cost Dhs350, with scans costing approximately Dhs600

Several obstetricians available with delivery packages ranging from Dhs10,000 for normal delivery to Dhs18,000 for C-section

And you thought they only looked at teeth. The Dubai Marina branch has resident gynaecologist Dr Rekha Mathur, who will supply full antenatal care up until the big event itself. Consultations cost Dhs450, with additional costs for scans

Antenatal classes, a midwifery clinic offering general support and advice throughout pregnancy, and a baby clinic

Obstetricians and gynaecologists will look after you throughout your entire pregnancy, but you will have go elsewhere or be referred to another doctor for delivery. Basic consultations cost Dhs450 and you pay extra for scans (3D and 4D available)

A one-stop-shop in pregnancy, antenatal classes, well-baby clinics, post-natal visits, lactation consultations, baby massage and mum and bub yoga are all available

Dr Janeta Atanassova conducts pre-natal checks and scans but will refer you to the American Hospital or to Dr Nataliya at Cooper Clinic for delivery. Dhs480 for a consultation, while blood work and scans will cost extra

Two obstetricians are on hand to provide all your prenatal care, with one-off consultations at Dhs450 or a full package from 12 weeks for Dhs7,500. Deliveries at various hospitals across Dubai cost Dhs7,500 (normal) or Dhs10,000 (C-section) excluding hospital charges

One of Dubai’s newer hospitals has state-of-the art delivery suites. One of three female obstetricians can see you through the entire process of pregnancy and birth. Antenatal packages including consultations, routine checks and scans available from around Dhs5,400 from the 12th week of pregnancy, Dhs3,750 from week 28

Five female obstetricians offer prenatal packages for Dhs3,000 including 14 visits, three scans and discounts on lab work. Normal deliveries cost Dhs7,000, C-sections Dhs13,000, plus pharmacy bills

They won best interior design award so at least the view will be pleasant between contractions. Delivery packages start at Dhs11,000 for a normal delivery in a private room to Dhs22,500 for a C-section, with pricier packages for fancier rooms