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An apolitical relief agency that’s active in 24 countries worldwide

This licensed charity distributes second-hand clothing to those in need

Helps children with special needs via education programmes and integrating them into society

This support group meets on Wednesdays and includes a music/sing-a-long session

An international charity and non-governmental organisation that aims to build a better future for children who are the victims of a long civil war

This non-profit centre’s French language courses are Dhs1,400 for seven weeks

American trained professionals offering psychiatric, neurological, diagnostic, and therapeutic services for people experiencing challenges living away from home

The association holds coffee mornings and organises activities for American women living in Dubai

Donate Dhs500 to this animal sanctuary and you can have your party here, with petting and pony rides. They can also bring pets like hamsters or rabbits to your home

Offers group, private and in-house Arabic courses

A family and child counselling center made up of clinical psychologists and psychotherapists, offering services to help improve people’s lives

Teaches kids words, numbers and songs in English, French and Spanish

A monthly market held at Times Square Mall, providing mums with a platform to sell preloved sprog and maternity gear, in a social setting that boasts an array of exciting activities for the little ones too

Provides language tuition catering specifically to the Arabic region

Boasting state-of-the-art facilities, Bourn Hall clinic offers different IVF treatments to help couples conceive

Raises money for children’s charities around the world, providing medical, learning and leisure equipment

The Citizens’ Foundation promotes education at primary and secondary levels in Pakistan

A clinic specialised in offering treatment to kids and adults suffering with psychological issues

Offers a wide range of services in personal, educational and career counselling, that provides support to kids, families and educational institutions

Private Danish lessons for adults, suitable for beginners and beyond

Arabic for children and foreign languages for both children and adults, including English, French, Italian, Spanish and German

A sanctuary dedicated to the rescue and care of animals including exotics, birds, tortoises, rodents and more

A centre that brings together kids with autism and people who care for people with autism, by providing support, education and organising programs and conferences to create social awareness

The job of this centre is to make sure the city’s hospitals have enough blood to do their job and save lives