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From stylish invitations to gorgeous settings, creative party bags and fun activities, these mums will create a birthday party to remember

Gorgeous range of kids’ clothes and accessories sourced from across the globe, with the emphasis on cute Scandinavian-styling, and natural fabrics

Donate Dhs500 to this animal sanctuary and you can have your party here, with petting and pony rides. They can also bring pets like hamsters or rabbits to your home

Great packages for families, either in the studio or on location, including Dubai’s first dedicated newborn baby studio with private mother and baby room

An online service catering to all baby shower-related party items

A salon that provides mini-spa party services in your own home

Offers several pampering packages including the Little Princess Party. They can also bring the spa party to your home

They bring the entire party to your home, with entertainment, decor, catering, party bags