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Offers one-to-one tuition to children across a range of subjects and curricula at home

Offers the chance to study more than 100 languages

For boys and girls aged eight to 13 years, etiquette courses teach general good manners, including table manners, party manners, telephone etiquette and more, helping little hooligans make the best impression

A new gym, this offers fitness classes for kids, including martial arts and dance classes

Specialist workshops in a range of subjects including creative IT and performing arts

Open to all aged three and above, this academy runs 12-week coaching sessions and A-leagues for teams aged five to 18 years

Get essential information about Little Hands Kids Club in Knowledge Village

Programmes to teach maths in a way that makes sense to kids

Urban hip-hop, street and modern jazz, ballet, ballroom, belly-dance, gymnastics, salsa, martial arts and judo for kids aged four and above

Improve your child’s public speaking skills with classes and worskshops on how to speak on stage and overcome stage fright

In a variety of subjects, this offers one-on-one or small-group tutoring

Learn performance skills for the stage – and for life – with classes incorporating drama, singing and dance

Children master academic skills and confidence using tutoring methods developed by Dr Edward Thalheimer