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Hi, I have a son who is 3 yrs and 4 months. I would like to enroll him for swimming classes could ou update me on your address and your fee structure.

Review by : Avril

good evening,
i have a 3.5 year pld girl and would lik to have her in the swimming classes, so could you please send me the location and classes timing.

thank you in advance.
mae ibrahim

Review by : mae ibrahim

can i have more of your contact numbers because i want to know some information about your academy for my kids.


Review by : Jiji

Hi there. My son is 2 yrs, 3 months old. I would like to enrol him for swimming classes. Please let me know what classes you offer as well as the cost.


Review by : Tethy

Hi.please inform me if you have any classes for a 17 months baby.
If yes,please give me some information about the time and fee of your classes.
I look forward to your reply.
Best regards,

Review by : Azin

i have 2 kids and im looking for swimming classes for them. we stay in dubai sports city

Review by : rajesh

I have couple kids who are keen to learn swimming and football.
How can we join

Review by : Nimer

I have a 3 year old daughter and we are staying in dubai for 1 month (march 2012) I want her to have swimming lessons. Do you have any thing for her?

Review by : Rana Al Ibrahim

I'm a mother for 10Y & 7Y boys looking for football trainings program for my kids , I'm living in Springs

Review by : Elizabeth

dear sir,
i have an academy and will be glad if you can send info that can help me enroll players from my academy from ghana.
i will be glad if you give me space for 3 players.
thank you and hope to here from you soon.


kwasi amoako asante

Review by : kwasi amoako asante

Good day,

I'm 20 and an expat working here in Dubai. I would like to learn how to play football. Can you help me? How much will it cost me and where and when will be the training (if so)?

Thank you,

Review by : Michael


I have a daughter 4,5 years old, and would like to subscribe her for daily school (8 - 13h) where she can do sports (tennis, swimming) and learn English since she is new in Dubai. Do you have this kind of program?

Kind Regards

Review by : Vojislav

Hi i have a son 5 years old would like to enrol him for half day from 8 am to 13.00 hrs.

want him to learn swimming and other available activities.

could you please reply with all the details.

Monthly rate preferred (5 days a week)

Review by : Idrees

I am having two daughters of 8 yr. old. We want to put them in Swimming class. Can u write me details?

Review by : Dayanand Prabhakar

I want to register my son, 3 years old for swimming classes and i live in Sharjah. Can you please advise me on where i could take him? thank you

Review by : Mandy

Need to know the exact location of this Acedemy. I am interested to enroll myself and my 6 yr old son in the swimming classes. Need to know the charges for the same.

Review by : Aparna

Active Sports Academy Sports coaching for all. Indoor and Outdoor venues. Holiday camps every holiday.
Waterbabies to Swim squad
Kiddlywinks Kids music and movement classes
P.E. Supply teachers

Review by : Active SPorts

I have 2 children. My daughter is coming up for 4 and has had swimming lesson in the UK 2 years above her age. My son is coming up for a year and has had swimming lesson from the age of 4 months. Do you have classes suitable?

Review by : Tammi Macgechan

hve heard about the swimming classes and would like to bring my son aged 5+

Review by : paramita

I would ike to register my kids 5 years old in swimming course in Dubai, so where can i register her?

Review by : Reem Elsharif


I have son who is 6 1/2yrs and I would like him to learn swimming and learn football if possible. Can you please let me know where the classes are held and how much would it cost for each course and the duration of each course too.


Review by : Vanessa

i have a daughter , 9 y 0, would like to teach her drawing skills . do you provide lessons .

Review by : prakash


I hav 2 children , a boy 6yrs & a girl 2yrs old i want them to learn swimming.Could u plz help me know what would be the fee for it & when & where can i register their names & where will the training be held.

Aisha Ali Sayed

Review by : Aisha Ali Sayed

looking for some activiy classes for my 4 year old boy. we live in burdubai

Review by : pallavi

I'm a mother for 9Y & 6Y boys looking for basketball & football trainings program for my kids , I'm living in Barsha

Review by : Rania Tarabic


Could i please have more information to what you do.
i have a 21/2yr old baby boy with whom i looking to do activities with.


Review by : Anna Shah