Meeting Mido

Patrick Hulbert meets his hero, twice, to talk footbal for hours l…

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Know your rights: UK expat voting in Dubai

How British citizens in Dubai can vote in the General Election

Which Dubai neighbourhood should you choose?

Are one of these areas in Dubai where you should live?

Autism Rocks wants to work with Sheikh Hamdan

Autism Rocks founder Sanjay Shah speaks to us about Sheikh Hamdan, Blended festival and working with Prince again

Flying economy: Are you in the mile shy club?

Will Milner’s awkward experience needing the bathroom on a plane

Procrastination problems in Dubai

Time Out Dubai’s Melanie Smith on her struggle with procrastination

Dubai then and now: 2001-2015

Time Out looks back on its 500 issue history in Dubai

Remember Dubai before the ski slope?

Time Out Dubai looks back on some of the biggest changes in its 500 issues

Time Out Dubai is 500

Time Out Dubai's first ever editor looks back on the history of Dubai's best magazine

Drive-in movies in Dubai

Paul Clifford finally gets a chance to live his drive-in dream. Almost

Amazing looks for your Dubai home

Look inside amazing Dubai homes and get the look for yourself

Should I ship my furniture from my home country?

Francis Morgan of The Auction House Dubai offers his furniture advice

How to upcycle furniture

Breathe new life into tatty furniture with our top, up-cycling tips

How to maximise your living space

Can’t see the carpet for the clutter? Try these genius storage tips


The Knowledge

5 things to do today in Dubai
Apr 25

Visit the Children’s Film Festival or laugh at a new comedy night

5 things to do tomorrow in Dubai
Apr 25

Join the Nike+ Club or pamper at SensAsia Spa

5 things to do today in Dubai
Apr 24

Don’t miss the all-new DXBeach fest or turn your white collars red


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