20 ways to make extra cash

Who doesn’t want a little more pocket money at the moment? Here are 20 easy ways to earn some extra money (legally!) Comments

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*‘If you are completing a paid activity outside working hours that does not compete with your main job, you should obtain the permission of your company sponsor first, as it is technically illegal to work for any (other) employer,’ says Pierre Mehawej, legal consultant with Kanaan & Azhari. ‘You should also find out whether you need a special licence from the UAE Licensing Authority. Go to www.ded.gov.ae or call 7000 40000 and specialised personnel will answer all your queries.’

And what about organised markets? ‘It is up to the organisers to obtain the proper licence from the UAE authority, so make sure they have this before renting a stall, and be sure to sell only your own second-hand goods,’ Pierre advises. ‘As for selling music and photos online – check that you own the copyright of whatever it is that you’re selling, and that you’re not challenging public order in any way.’
For more legal advice, contact Pierre on 04 222 0780 or pierre@kanlaw.ae and check out kanlaw.ae.

Teach A Language

Are you bilingual? Lucky you – you already have a sellable skill. Reham Hasan from Egypt can speak Arabic, English, Italian and Japanese, all fluently. ‘I used to teach languages when I was back in Egypt so I just started again when I moved here,’ says Reham, who we found advertising on a popular online noticeboard. ‘Not only do I make some income, but I’m especially interested in teaching Arabic to English, Italian and Japanese people as it’s a good language exchange.’ Of course, you get to meet new people and learn about different cultures too. Spinneys noticeboards are a popular arena for advertising language and teaching services, as well as the online classifieds.

Teach Music Lessons

Can you play the sitar? The double bass? Or perhaps the ukulele? You never know – there may be a big demand waiting to be met out there. See the box below for tips on promoting your services. Just be sure to check with your work sponsor and whether you need a special licence first!

Lecture about your Job

Why not teach other people about your job? EMDI Institute of Media and Communication hosts talks on everything from public relations to DJing and wedding planning. ‘We are always looking for lecturers to share their experiences,’ says Bharti Makhijani, manager of EMDI’s new initiatives. ‘It would be great to add more names to the list.’ Do it, and get paid to listen to the sound of your own voice for a change. See emdiworld.com.

Customise Clothes and Accessories

A rip here, some sequins there and hey presto! You have yourself a sideline project. ‘I got into fashion by accident,’ recounts Lamis Kamis, a designer now selling clothes out of Tigerlily in Wafi Mall (04 324 8088). ‘I customised some jeans and wore them in a trendy area. That day I was approached by three boutiques. I made over 20 pairs and they sold out instantly!’ Her advice for the novice? ‘Don’t throw clothes away. Find a seamstress, change the length, buy some ribbons. A few changes could give a whole new look to those old pieces.’

Play The Stock Market

Wealth manager Ben Lester knows how to earn money through shares. ‘Don’t invest money you can’t afford to lose,’ he advises. ‘Share values can change quickly. Use an internet trading platform (such as ETrade.com) as the cost to trade is lower. And try a ‘‘fantasy’’ portfolio first, such as msn.com/money. If you struggle losing fun money then you should think twice about using your own. But if you enjoy it and have some spare cash, why not give it a go? Good luck!’ See Ben’s company, elitecapitalsolutions.com.

By Becky Lucas
Time Out Dubai,

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Very Appreciative of this site information. Since I have a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, I was interested in possibly doing some Life Coaching or counseling on the weekends to garner extra income from my teaching gig during the week.

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hi nice information but i want to know if i want to sell some craft supplies online and also handmade things made by me do i have to get a license and also if i want to teach crafts in home i need license? can you please give me details as i have zero knowledge in online business.

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Nice. Its informative. I also found this site www.dubai-online-business.com. Its a blog providing tutorials, training, leads in making money online.

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