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We are in the process of redesigning the Time Out Dubai site. We want to give you more reviews, more ideas and more ways to enjoy Dubai. We’ve got loads of ideas for how we can do things better. But we also want to get your input as well.

We would really appreciate your comments on what you think would make the site better. It might be something really simple – like the colour of our headlines, or a really far-fetched wish – like the ability to browse menus and book a table in a restaurant.

Either way we are listening.

Please leave your comments below and please continue to use Time Out Dubai.

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Time Out Dubai,

User reviews:

Posted by: Venga on 07 Mar ' 15 at 07:04

I have been searching for Thakkaaram Restaurant in Garhoud area and could not find it. Can you please add this restaurant with price , timing etc.. thank you

Posted by: Lijuan Ni on 16 Feb ' 15 at 05:28

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We are very disappointed at our sad experience on 14-02-2015 at Shang Palace, a Chinese restaurant in Shangri La hotel. Before going there, we were motivated by a misled advertisement in the newspaper. Firstly, the food is definitely not as good as advertised. Besides, the tepid expression on the waiters' faces made us very uncomfortable. All we wanted to do was to rush and finish the meal soonest possible. The worst thing was we did not get our money's worth. Sad, sad! Our first experience there, but definitely the last one ever since.

Posted by: joe on 03 Feb ' 15 at 11:49

I been looking for the best Indian restaurant in Dubai many people recommended Moti Mahal Business Bay Executive towers, and I must say that Moti Mahal business Bay is one of the best north indian restaurant i have eaten high quality of food and delicious and the price wont rip your pocket.

Posted by: Jen on 10 Dec ' 14 at 20:41

Hi, Hoping to get a few suggestions for a really cool dinner experience for about 35 people coming from the U.S. for a business conference in mid January. Would love some great options with a view or just downright unbelievable experience for dinner in Dubai? Would also love a great steak restaurant as well.


Posted by: Nora on 22 Feb ' 14 at 07:50

I really love timeout Dubai, as u get a chance at winning something, and I participated in competitons before, but I never won. But I was wondering if timeout Dubai, could host a competition to win a 2000 AED forever 21 voucher, lots of people will be interested in entering , I know I will, and I would really like to get a chance to win a shopping voucher, especially to forever 21, so please can you please host a competition of this sort???
Thank you!!

Posted by: carly on 03 Feb ' 14 at 11:23

I cannot believe you haven't reviewed or even listed Russo's New York pizzeria in jumeira center. Surely the location is not exciting but their food is!! You and all your readers are missing out on a great little hidden gem!

Posted by: Alex on 29 Sep ' 13 at 22:23

I came across a very nice place, in JLT that I would like to review its called GQ Men's Hair Lounge.

The staff is friendly, Service is great specially the facials, Clean and sophisticated unlike some places I have visited.

I would give it 4 starts. Its just a little hidden but once you find it, its not difficult the next time.

Posted by: Marcus68 on 29 Sep ' 13 at 17:45

I was checking your site today for the telephone number of my favourite Italian restaurant in Dubai: Giolitti. I find it crazy that you don't even have a listing for this fabulous and authentic Italian spot. They are a branch of the famed gelateria of the same name in Rome. They have also twined with the inventors of Fettuccine Alfredo, and offer Roman-style Pizza al Taglio. I know of nowhere else in Dubai that makes delicious Roman Pizza. And on top of this, they have the best gelato in the city. No lie. Please check it out, or at least provide some contact information, if only to have a more complete Dubai restaurant listing. (They have a bad location in Emaar Square, across from Dubai Mall.)

Posted by: Beema Jamal on 28 Aug ' 13 at 07:12

I want to use my one-hour lunchbreak productively. So have been trying to find fitness classes (i.e. pilates or yoga) during the lunch hours but have had no luck, are there any held in Dubai? If so, where? Would prefer somewhere close to work, i.e. Jumeirah 1 or the beginning of Sheikh Zayed. Many thanks, Beema

Posted by: BILL DEWELL on 06 Jun ' 13 at 18:03

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I always read with interest your recommendations on the "IN" spots, those places you have either acknowledged through awards or formally recognized with an endorsement. I am never surprised these places are always the new and hip joints, which invariably have about 1-2 years life span in the Dubai market before either they need to reinvent themselves or become unattractive to you because you only move with the times. I am wondering why don't you acknowledge some of the venues who actually have some history and despite the continued modernization of Dubai and the plethora of new attractions, still continue to be a factor because they have weathered the storm. They are iconic. They are still kicking... When I arrived in Dubai in 2000 and the subsequent years of visiting, I was never amazed to step in a taxi at the Airport and say take me to Long's Bar. The cabbies knew where it was. Long gone are the Alamo and Scarlett's, but Irish Village is still going strong as is Long's. I think some of the iconic venues also need some Hall of Fame recognition. I would like to suggest that many of the venues you have "awarded" this years best will not even be around in 3 years. However I will bet my bottom dollar the 2 I just mentioned will still be there.

Posted by: Sarah Hunt on 25 May ' 13 at 19:24

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You recently ran a feature about things to do in Dubai - I think it was '50 things to do in Dubai' or something similar. One of them was to but a pet from an 'unofficial' pet shop in Satwa. I was shocked, horrified and disgusted to read this in Time Out. Animals are not toys or objects for temporary amusement. Furthermore, to advise people to buy them from an 'unofficial' (presumably unregulated and therefore unethical) source is not only irresponsible but downright cruel. To suggest that, if you're bored and looking for something to do, buying a pet is a good pastime is disgusting. Owning a pet involves a lot of time, money and effort over a significant period of time. I will no longer be buying Time Out as a result of this. I am utterly disgusted and revolted.

Posted by: Risuvan on 10 May ' 13 at 10:03

please send me details of foot ball coaching for my 10year old sun

Posted by: Cassimatis on 02 May ' 13 at 06:54

This week in "News and Rumours" p7, you say you are "bemused that: Easter eggs are still in supermarkets and not discounted"?.

Well, It's totally logical as Orthodox Easter will be this year on May 5 (it's not always exactly on the same date with Catholic Easter).

Best regards.

Posted by: Kapil on 20 Apr ' 13 at 16:28

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Hi, i wanted to inquire about the award criteria for the best restaurant in Dubai, apparently yesterday i visited Options by Sanjeev Kapoor near the Trade center in dubai on seeing reviews on Timeout Dubai, i was told it had won Time Out Best Restaurant Award 2013 i want to know how do you rate a restaurant? as i was extremely dissatisfied by their service. On pre booking a table on phone, on reaching i was made to sit in a dingy corner without any air conditioning, the food was way below average, the mutton starters had stale smell, the portions were too small, and the biggest disappointment was the service, it took almost an hour for the main course to arrive, we had a 3 month old baby with us due to which we couldn't afford to wait for long, the fish gravy had very little portion of fish and most of it was filled with capsicum, i could hardly see any fish. Im really disappointed by this. please let me know the evaluation criteria of timeout dubai for the best restaurant award. And reviews like these question standards of not just the restaurant but Timeout as well. Regards, Kapil

Posted by: mahitab on 20 Mar ' 13 at 20:45

Timeout Dubai
i always read TIMEOUT DUBAI , Timeout KIDS , enjoying all articles and reviews , but i have a questions
HOW i can get old issues of Timeout Magazines . i live in Sharjah , i live in little town near to sharjah ?
Then i discovered little hidden gem at THE DUBAI MALL , i like Timeout Dubai if you make a scoop about this place
i wish to make it scoop soon
any way i discovered that ARMANI CASA is closed at THE DUBAI MALL , do you any information about it new location

Posted by: annu on 11 Mar ' 13 at 10:08

why options by sanjeev kapoor deira branch not listed in deira indian restaurant suggestions, please add options
thank you

Posted by: Mac on 10 Mar ' 13 at 04:50

No review. But, I think you should include the once a week outdoor cinema screening info/details as part of your "TO Film" pages. It would be useful. Thanking in advance

Posted by: Jasmine Cosh on 04 Mar ' 13 at 15:41

It would be really good to see some more reviews about the vegetarian aspects of a menu on your restaurant guide. Most vegetarians do not want to go to vegetarian only restaurants but would like to know how well the menu caters for such.

If possible, the other massive bug bear is brunches which do not label the food with a (V) if it is veggie. I would hope time out dubai has enough influence to perhaps start changing this practice with the restaurants

Posted by: Wolfgang Hofmann on 22 Feb ' 13 at 17:26

Marina Yacht Club Breakfast

We have been looking forward to a great breakfast today - what a disappointment!
To make it short:
The service was lousy, we needed to ask 3 times for our cafe, you couldn't be fast enough eating, they where faster in removing your plate.
The warm breakfast was cold, the scrambled eggs where tasteless.
The place had not been busy at all. We asked for the manager who was not at all accommodating.
Giving 1 out of 10 points.
The neighboring table had the same problem.

Posted by: Lisanne Zabka on 20 Feb ' 13 at 21:55

I am an international flight attendant. I travel fre3quently to Dubai, Sao Paulo, and other cities where you publish Time Out. I rely on your magazine for local information on restaurants and entertainment, and have been happy with your information. I would like to get a City Card and give feedback for the many wonderful restaurants I have visited. I travel to different cities all the tine. How can I obtain a city card for myself and a friend?

p.s. Nomad Restaurant at Dubai Creekside is EXCELLENT for Asian food. Everything was delicious and the staff was very accommodating. Can;t wait to go again!

Posted by: Stew on 25 Jan ' 13 at 14:55

Add the longitude and latitude of hotels and bars so we can enter them in our GPS. Half the time the cab drivers dont know where there at.

Posted by: Ayoub on 07 Jan ' 13 at 21:12

I got the timoutdubai city card.. but it would appear that locations that provide offers don't announce that they actually have a special discount if I have the card. Also, Timeoutdubai should look into an easy way for members to identify participating outlets, I just realized that I visit a lot of locations that I would have obtained a discount, but I didn't just because I didn't know.

Posted by: Jane on 01 Jan ' 13 at 12:25

Hi, I love your site and the magazine as it covers a great range of activities and keeps us all in touch with what's going on.

My only bugbear is that FREQUENTLY the timings given for the cinema listings are grossly inaccurate and if we only use your guide for our cinema we get there to find the film has already started. If there is any way to correct this please do so. This is particularly in respect of the cinema at Ibn Battuta Mall.


Posted by: Theresa Bornman on 29 Dec ' 12 at 07:09

Morgan woman's fashion in the Emirates Mall, what is the shop number or part of which chain?

Posted by: Kathy Pembry on 19 Oct ' 12 at 14:43

I had booked a table at the 101 restaurant on the Palm for a birthday treat the scenary and menu looked very inviting however the service and the standard of the food left a lot to be desired. I ordered the seafood starter to be present wth a plate of crushed ice with clams and whelks on a stick no dressing or accompanying salad. The Chiclen Paela was thigh meat and not presented in a manner you would expect. The overall dining experience was very disappointing as was the very big bill at the end of the night. Niether I or my friends will be going back there again.

Posted by: noni on 23 Aug ' 12 at 05:10

Your website and magazines are a great help to me when I visit Dubai.
It would be even greater if there was some sort of forum or like an "ask an agony aunt" feature, where you can ask simple questions like, if and how much to tip, or which restaurant in the dubai mall has the best view of the fountains, without having to search through lots and lots of information or reviews.
We were also looking for a review of Brandi Pizzeria at The Dubai Mall but didn't find one. We've eaten there now, and as Italians, we find the pizza one of the best authentic Italian ones so far, although the rest of the food isn't as great. Maybe you can try and review Brandi?

Posted by: Tamer Salah on 14 Aug ' 12 at 11:25

This is a technical request, The web site makes its own decision to switch to the mobile version, with no option of going back. Now I am using IE10 and while I am browsing, I suddenly find myself on the mobile version. Can you please fix that, its annoying me personally and it will annoy many people once windows 8 is released.

Posted by: Jeremy George on 09 Aug ' 12 at 09:36

Edited by

Hi ... I'm trying to edit my profile so that I can update my email address. Can someone please contact me and let me know if this can be done?

Posted by: BALU on 05 Aug ' 12 at 13:48

Could you please mail me the procedure of how to edit / delete my posted review.

Posted by: Elizabeth on 16 Jul ' 12 at 07:49

I would love to able to print out a pdf page with all the City Card locations. Very often I realise days later that I could have used my card for discount. Thanks :)

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