Animal tragic

We were thoroughly disgusted to hear about the increasing number of animal smugglers that Dubai Customs has to deal with. In 2008 more than 145 people were stopped with all sorts, including a stuffed lioness, elephant tusks and even two chimpanzees that a man was hiding down his trousers. However, while we commend the renewed effort to combat the problem, we’re not sure displaying the collection at Mall of the Emirates is going to warn the public to avoid the animal trade. After all, do you look round a car showroom if you don’t want to get hold of some shiny new wheels yourself? Let’s hope they’ve listed the prison sentences acquired alongside each and every exhibit.
Sea change

What do you do when you’re worried offshore construction might spell the end of a natural coral reef that took decades to form? If you’re Nakheel, you simply move it, rock by rock, from Mina Rashid, and place it by The World islands, to be followed by all the reef’s sealife. It’s the first time in the world (the real one) this has ever been attempted and it only took a month. Watch out for our underwater images (when the water’s less nippy).