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How to start your own club in Dubai

Find out how to create a group or club and meet people who share you passion

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Get a new hobby in Dubai

Discover some of Dubai's wonderfully weird and fun clubs

You must be kidding!

Gone are the blissful days of flying for Mark Dinning. With his kids, it’s chaos…

Staying in for the summer

Just when Paul Clifford thought it was safe to get back on the sofa

Ramadan around the world

See what people across the globe are doing during Ramadan

Adopting a cat in Dubai

Holly Sands learns Dubai's cats are really just food-stealing ninjas

Healthy fasting tips

Fasting and feasting go hand in hand during Ramadan, which can be challenging to the body

Ramadan 101

Whether you’ve just arrived in the city or you’re a long-term resident, here’s what to expect during the Holy Month

Ramadan Do's and Don'ts

Show respect to your Muslim neighbours, colleagues and fellow residents by behaving appropriately

How to transfer your driving licence

Find out what you need and where to go to get driving in Dubai

Top five Ramadan car deals

The pick of the best deals for new cars this summer

How to host your own iftar

Invite friends and family to break their fast at your home

How to host the perfect dinner party

Expert advice on setting the stage for a truly stunning summer soire

Best Ramadan apps to download

Let your smartphone be your constant companion during Ramadan

Bjork interview

Iceland's finest export talks music, tech and getting old

Burning rubber

Will Milner ponders the particular perils of summer motoring...

Blog: How NOT to be good at golf

Alex Hammond learns the hard way that being good at golf isn’t all down to the equipment…

Arabic language guide: Ramadan

Arabic phrases to learn during the month of Ramadan

Why the Apple Watch could help your relationship

Stay connected with these savvy apps and gadgets

How to have a long distance relationship

Long-distance love takes trust, commitment and hard work


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SIKKA Art Fair showcases House of Islamic Art
Mar 20

It features work from Emirati, UAE and GCC artists

Inside Dubai’s secret beachside camping resort Banan Beach
Mar 20

The quaint spot is just 20 minutes’ drive from Dubai Marina

Cathay Pacific launches massive sale for Dubai flights to Japan and Australia
Mar 20

It's the perfect time to escape the hot weather for cooler climes


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