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The end of the affair

Will Milner's got the takeaway blues

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Ten things to do this weekend

Talk books, buy candles, eat curry or watch footie

We’ll always have Al Barsha

Will Milner has a funny feeling deep inside him. It might just be an empty stomach

Ramadan dos and don'ts

Make sure you behave respectfully during the Holy Month

A beginner's guide to Ramadan

Everything you need to know about the Holy Month

Radio head

Penelope Walsh’s work output knows no limits since she landed a pair of headphones

Random Dubai rentals

Clothes? Furniture? Pets? Is there anything you cannot rent in Dubai?

Rent or buy a car in Dubai

Are you ready to treat yourself to a new car, or should you rent instead?

Rent or buy a house in Dubai

Are you ready to put down roots in Dubai, or should you rent your home?

Counselling and therapy in Dubai

Sadness can turn to depression if it goes unchecked. Seek help

Make new friends in Dubai

Loneliness got you down? Find yourself some new friends

10 things to do this weekend

Enjoy your time in Dubai and try one of these fun activities

Are you happy?

Don't be depressed in Dubai. We're here to turn that frown upside down

This week’s foodie news and rumours lo

Hip new openings, hot new menus and the latest goss from our eating out insider

How to tackle a summer emergency

Who to call if you find yourself in a spot of heat-based bother

Dubai summer survival for men

Wife and kids away? Don't despair

The perils of bargain hunting in Dubai

There's much to learn from a trip to Dubai Outlet Mall

Ten things to do this weekend

Father's Day, Philippines Independence, and, er, the World Cup

Online etiquette

Jenny Hewett ponders why her friends are awesome, when they’re not on Facebook

10 things to do this weekend

Why not try something new in Dubai this weekend?


The Knowledge

5 things to do today in Dubai
Sep 2

Check out shadow art or mingle at VIP Room

5 things to do tomorrow in Dubai
Sep 2

Eat American at SoHo Bar & Grill or see Shadow Art

5 things to do today in Dubai
Sep 1

Save with your age or head to a ladies’ night


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