People by Crystal

This award-winning club at Raffles Dubai is one of the hottest destinations in town

  • People by Crystal
Venue: People by Crystal
Location: - Oud Metha - Dubai
Credit Cards Accepted: Yes
Travel: Sheikh Rashid Road
Event Date: July 01, 2013 to July 08, 2013
Opening hours: 10pm-3am
Entry Charges: Free (reservations recommended)

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  • Anonymous Feb 15, 2013 08:36 am
    Shame on you People by Crystal!

    On Thursday Feb 07, 2013 - I went there with some friends. This club was never a disappointement, until one incident, which changed my views dramatically.

    I was stopped rudely and abruptly at the door - by the main lady promoter. She told me flats are not allowed; immediately told the bouncers- and they all just brushed me aside. She would't give me face until I tapped on her shoulder and said "would you please listen to me for a minute? I have a disability which prevents me from wearing heels in general - I hope you understand that"

    With no apologies, she turns to the bouncers and says "I guess we'll make an exception for her". I believe that was extremely ill-mannered, and attitude- driven behavior. What about other girls? They might want to be in flats so they can dance properly! If people are not in club attire (i.e wearing sneakers, flip flops) you have the absolute right to ask them to leave. However, if they are wearing appropriate shoes - what's it to you?? You have NO idea about a person's background.

    Anyway, I did not back away on this night - went in and enjoyed myself. However, from now onwards - I will not step foot around this club, with such poor management and communication skills.
  • Tarek May 03, 2012 03:04 pm
    This place: one big farce. I will be very pleased once it is shut down.
  • Vishal Mirani Nov 08, 2011 11:22 am
    Perhaps the "Entry Charges" should read Reservations only. Whether or not they allow couples is upto their discretion which is really unfortunate because no one would want to go to a club, entry into which depends on the discretion of a random person dressed in black despite adhering to the dress code. One should consider themselve lucky if they are polite in turning you down irrespective of whether or not they have a reason for doing so. In short, its a DISGRACE to Dubai which is home to so many..
  • Reem Oct 11, 2011 08:08 am
    last week, we were 2 girls deciding to go to this club after Naseemi party and tehy rejected us in based thatwe didnt have reservation and this was at 1:40 am!! and that when we said there was a table for our friends already there, they rejeted us by saying we were wearing flat heals!! it's ludicarous and brings all teh negative imrpression of "Dubai" city attitude which doesn't fly in the rest of the world!
    outragous and they get away with it!
  • Mohammed A. Oct 08, 2011 05:37 pm
    The night of 7th of october 2011 i have booked two tables worth 6k and i was turned down by the front door bouncers because we had less girls then i invited a few girls to join our crowd and the number was even , The security had the guts to cancel our reservation saying that i was too late and it was still 11:20 Embarassement is not the word i would say the quality of the management and the front door security as to be looked at seriously because this club can lose a good quality of a crowd if this goes on

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