Free-wheeling, improvisational trio Oto.3 are likely to split the audience between bewildered head-scratching and inspired reverence. Describing their music as ‘a constant tension between sound and silence, notes and noise, between structure and freedom’, loose musical ideas are penned by saxophonist Maarten Visser. Then concert drummer Robbert van Hulzen – who describes his playing as ‘somewhere in the multicoloured twilight zone between improvisation, rock, and contemporary composed music’ – and electric violinist Holger Jetter improvise on these sketches.

Most bafflingly, the group, who are mainly based in the Netherlands, refuse to play conventional venues, and instead insist on appearing at art galleries, ‘because galleries already have a relationship with an audience interested in contemporary artistic expression.’ We’re more than a little intrigued.

Dhs50; free for under 18s. 7.30pm, Wednesday February 22. The Fridge, Al Quoz (04 347 7793).