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The worst-named man in pop wasn’t born with his unfortunate moniker; he willingly adopted it in the mid-’60s to – ahem – sound ‘cool’. This fact alone acts as a microcosm for Humperdinck’s overwhelming antiquity, solidified by the fact he once constructed a fake pub and post box on the estate of his British country mansion.

Now in his mid-70s, Humperdinck’s agent reportedly turned down a recent offer to work with Damon Albarn’s Gorillaz (without Humperdinck’s knowledge). Worryingly, live he’s started covering Bruce Springsteen’s lust-charged ‘I’m On Fire’ (with the refrain ‘Hey little girl, is your daddy home?’), and claims in interviews to possess secret healing powers he uses on his unwitting audience midway through the third number. Yikes.
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By Rob Garratt
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Posted by: Larisa Gosteva on 13 Mar ' 12 at 16:57

This stuff is masterpiece of nonsense.
First of all Engelbert can sing any type of song and make it sound great.The man is just incredible.He has more talent in his little finger than most of todays singers have in their whole bodies.Of course God gave him that wonderful voice and how he uses it!!!
He is one of the greatest singers of the second half of the 20th century who has never been given a full credit for what he is.
This is real themes to talk about...Best wishes from Moscow.
Larisa Gosteva.

Posted by: shirley anderson on 07 Mar ' 12 at 19:50

You people who write this stuff should at least have the common decency to check out your facts before publishing. Engelbert DOES have a post box and a well stocked pub on his property, where he challenges visitors to dart games, which he always wins. He is good at the game. He is also good at what he has been doing for the last 45 years - entertaining and enchanting audiences all over the world. Music wasn't invented just before you teeny boppers became aware of it. Tell me of one rap, hiphop, or other screeching, butt wiggling star of today that will still be performing to sold out audiences around the world when they are 75!!! Engelbert is an icon and as such, deserves our respect. Shirley Anderson.

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