Another Lie

Slutterhouse return to the spotlight, with new album Another Lie going some way to reform their sound. Emerging from the dark, thumping and heavy tracks of their previous album, Rabih Salloum and Nabil Saliba have introduced a new side to their shape-shifting image with lighter and more melodic synths, funk-inspired bass and brighter vocals. Employing a Justice-esque sound from the get-go with their first song, ‘Stop Me’, Salloum and Saliba decrease their momentum briefly with ‘Slow’ before bringing back the tempo and slapping funky basslines down for the title track ‘Another Lie’.

Notably, the ’80s style of ‘Everyone’ cements the album as a solid addition to their repertoire. Salloum’s vocals have apparently evolved and, though a heavy reliance on Auto-Tune is prevalent throughout the album, songs such as ‘Electric Bracelets’ reveal a frontman more capable of melodic singing rather than simple, droning chants.

The album showcases the varying sound this band is able to employ. From dubstep to funk and, of course, loads of pop, Another Lie rarely settles on a single genre, rendering the album an interesting listen despite the overall sound drawing one too many influences from decades of electronic pop music.