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A Tribute to Mehdi Hassan at Centrepoint Theatre

This event is a tribute to the legendary ghazal singer Mehdi Hassan, from Pakistan

Barsha On Fri, Sep 28
An Evening with Javed Akhtar at Centrepoint Theatre

An intimate and rare evening with one of the greatest poets of our time

Barsha On Fri, Nov 22
Mystic Melange - Musical Expressions for the Soul at Centrepoint Theatre

Music, according to Sufi teaching, is but a small expression of the overwhelming and perfect oneness of the whole universe—and that is the secret of its amazing power to move us

Barsha On Fri, Nov 1
Naseeruddin Shah Theater Fiesta - A Walk In The Woods (English) at Centrepoint Theatre

Naseeruddin Shah performs A Walk In The Woods (English)

Barsha On Fri, Jan 17
Naseeruddin Shah Theater Fiesta - Ismat Apa ke Naam (Urdu) at Centrepoint Theatre

Naseeruddin Shah performs Ismat Apa ke Naam (Urdu)

Barsha On Thu, Jan 16
Naseeruddin Shah Theater Fiesta - Katha Collage (Hindi) at Centrepoint Theatre

Naseeruddin Shah performs Katha Collage (Hindi)

Barsha On Sat, Jan 18
Sangam at Centrepoint Theatre Barsha On Fri, May 17
The Mouse That Roared at Centrepoint Theatre

Grand Fenwick, a tiny European nation whose only export is its famous wine, has its economy ruined when a California winery reproduces their beloved product

Barsha Thu, Mar 1 to Sat, Mar 3
Trevor Noah at Centrepoint Theatre

Offbroadway Entertainment proudly presents Trevor Noah live in Dubai

Barsha Thu, Mar 27 to Sat, Mar 29
Axis of Evil - Aron Kader Live in Dubai (Late Show) at Centrepoint Theatre

Aron Kader joins Dubomedy as we celebrate our 4th birthday on none other than April 1st

Barsha On Sun, Apr 1 Comedy Axis of Evil - Aron Kader Live in Dubai (Late Show)

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Close X The Holy Month of Ramadan started on Thursday, June 18 and will last for one month. During this time live music and DJ sets will stop and opening hours may change at all venues. Please call ahead to confirm details with the outlet.