Elia, Majestic Hotel Tower, Bur Dubai
Nominated for Best European
© ITP Images

Since there’s a dearth of Greek food in Dubai, Elia is quite the hidden gem. Inside, cream coloured stone walls, azure blue and flashes of yellow mimic the sun and sea of the Mediterranean. There’s also an ambient indoor-outdoor terrace, encased in glass and surrounded by greenery beyond. The welcome is warm and service continues in the same easygoing, happy tone. Staff, while not over elaborate in their explanations, are still able to offer a little guidance on the menu. This is helpful, as the menu is two tiered, divided between Greek classics and inventions cooked up by chef Baxevannis (the Greek celebrity behind the restaurant). While some dishes may be deemed too heavy, or even greasy, others such as the crispy-skinned sea bass in a frothy egg and lemon sauce, teamed with creamy risotto, or doughy cheese pies doused with mandarin sauce, are honest and satisfying creations that are sure to please.
Open daily 7pm-midnight. Majestic Hotel Tower, Al Mankhool Road (04 501 2690).

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