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Dubai's ultimate takeaways guide

We loosen our belts and dig in to the city's best delivered food Comments

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Jumeirah & Umm Suqeim

Chicken Tikka Inn

The menu: Features favourites such as mixed chicken grill, palak paneer and butter tandoori naan.
On the phone: Very keen – they tried to recommend a few dishes.
Clock watch: They said 40 minutes; it took 45.
Food on arrival: Warm and safely sealed, the food was tasty and impressively plentiful. We particularly liked the quote on the receipt: ‘If you like the food, tell others. If you don’t, tell us.’
Dhs60. (04 432 7235).

Reem al Bawadi

The menu: A fine selection of traditional dishes. We contented ourselves with tabbouleh, fried chicken strips and houmous with meat.
On the phone: Rather hard work, though credit to the waiter: he was very patient, albeit a little unsure.
Clock watch: They said 30 minutes; it took 50.
Food on arrival: Despite its delay, the food was decent. The bread was a little chewy, but the houmous and meat were very moreish. This can also be said of the chicken strips, despite their greasiness.
Dhs70. www.reemalbawadi.com (04 330 6663) Delivers citywide

Itzza Pizza

The menu: From the pastas, salads and pizzas on offer, we picked the spicy pollo pizza, with extra anchovies and spinach.
Your order: The initial call was a bit too rushed, and a few moments later they called back to reconfirm the order. Otherwise, a relatively easy ordering process.
Delivery time: They said 30 minutes; spot on.
Food on arrival: The pizza was surprisingly good – the only criticism was that it was warm rather than piping hot.
Dhs60. www.itzzapizza-uae.com (04 342 8280).

Manga sushi
The menu:
Extensive and creative: we ordered King Kong (scallop tempura), Ring of Saturn (tenderloin beef wrap), Gyoza (chicken dumpling) and Gold Ring (Minced prawns and more with teriyaki sauce).
On the phone: We were told to call Room Service, who were polite but rather down in the dumps, and had to call us back to inform us Manga had no shrimp dumplings. We switched to chicken instead.
Clock watch: They said an hour; it took one hour 10 minutes.
Food on arrival: Warm and prettily packaged.
Dhs193 (incl. Dhs35 delivery). www.roomservice-uae.com (800 4788).

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Posted by: clifton chadwick on 09 Mar ' 12 at 07:28

Houston, we have a problem
Time Out Dubai has a page called:
Dubai's ultimate takeaways guide
We loosen our belts and dig in to the city's best delivered food
And the first one listed is
Discovery Gardens, Emirates :Hills & Jebel Ali
Here is what Time Out Dubai said.
Copper Chimney
The menu: Dishes on the traditional menu include achari chicken tikka, dahl tadkewali, jeera rice and roomali roti.
On the phone: The staff handled our meal requests with ease.
Clock watch: They said 45 minutes; it took 40.
Food on arrival: Everything arrived piping hot, in extremely generous portions and sturdy containers, ensuring none of the extremely tasty dahl escaped along the way.
Average price of a meal for two: Dhs90. (04 363 9948).
So we decided to try it. Chicken Kebab, Lamb Badami, Samosa, rice and Naan
Guess what? If this represents an “ultimate takeaway”, man, we are in trouble
The food took over an hour, it was hot, the portions were large, but the taste result was MEDIOCRE!!. Both the lamb and the chicken were dry and short on flavor. I cook both lamb and chicken at home and my results are much, much better.
And definitely over-priced. Not the Dhs 90 but Dhs 150!!

Posted by: Basel on 03 Feb ' 12 at 16:53

I dont know how you claim to cover Dubai without trying more than a handful of restaurants over and over, in Pizza its about time you try something else other than red tomato pizza and naked pizza, in Barsha itself there are about 10 pizzerias that can be tried.

I personally have liked pizza pazza until I found out about Verona Pizzeria, and I blame timeoutdubai for pushing something that has a better alternative and they are just deciding to stay quite about,

I wish that you did review Verona Pizzeria before so I would have known about it instead of ordering my best meal from the second best for a long time


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