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Shang Palace, Shangri-La Hotel Dubai

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On a balcony looking down over the Shangri-La’s tastefully appointed lobby, there’s no denying Shang Palace is something of a grand location. Of course, this isn’t any old Chinese restaurant, and the prices on the menu suggest as much. Swap averagely priced, average-tasting Asian fare at one of the city’s chains for Shang Palace and you won’t come away disappointed, even if the atmosphere can feel a little lacking at times and the service somewhat overzealous. Opt for sautéed tenderloin with fresh chilli if you feel like sticking to tried-and-tested favourites, but the delicately poached fish with Szechuan peppercorns is the real showstopper here.

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Posted by: Maryem on 14 Feb ' 13 at 07:37
  • Would you go back to this restaurant? Yes

I am surprised by the above comments about the restaurant. I regularly go here for their all you can eat Friday dim sum brunch and have never had such a disappointing service ever!
The staff is always courteous, the time duration between the food severed does not take that much time, it pretty much comes as soon as we are done with one round.

And i absolutely LOVE their dim sum. I've still to eat dim sum in Dubai which is as good.

I am only disappointed over the fact that they have ended their early bird dim sum. Earlier, with tea, it costed me approx 100/person but now it is 200/person. For me to go here as frequently as i did, i hope they start their early bird again.

Posted by: Chris on 05 Apr ' 12 at 10:33
  • Would you go back to this restaurant? No

Went for the yum cha which turned out to be awful.
The service was beyond appalling. No one ever bothered to come to our table to attend to us until we called someone over.

The food was grim. Tastless and monotonous, every variant of dim sum tasting like the last.

Frankly, the horrid chinese take away I use on occasions is better than Shang Palace.

Posted by: Emma Hogan on 14 May ' 11 at 09:08
  • Would you go back to this restaurant? No

As a Cantonese cuisine aficionado, I first went to this restaurant three years go. Food was disaapointingly mediocre, service was non-existent. I'm ok about paying their high prices but only if I get value,...which sadly I did not. I boycotted this restaurant for nearly three years. Went back last week....food was better but service was still not up to par. Took an unbelievably long time between courses and no one really checked up on us during the dinner.

Went again yesterday (like a sap) for lunch. We sat there like morons, waiting for 40 minutes for our mains. No one checked on us, even though it was obvious there was nothing on our plates. Did they think we just came to admire the decor? When we finally asked about our dishes, the waitress checked on them, came back and said, "oh I forgot to place your order." They forgot to place our order. They freaking forgot to place our order. And did an apology come next. Of course not. She just moronically asked if we'd like to "wait a bit" while the chef cooks our meal. We told her to forget it and left.

I will never, ever, ever, ever recommend this restaurant to anyone. Ever. It's an absolute disgrace. This time, the boycott is forever.

Posted by: Dave on 05 Nov ' 10 at 08:31
  • Would you go back to this restaurant? No

I took my family to this restaurant last night. First the good; The staff were friendly and welcoming. I'm afraid once we sat down it went downhill from there.
The service was slow (if friendly and apologetic as necessary) but the food was terrible.
I've had lots of chinese meals in places as diverse as Lichfield, New York and Hong Kong, but that rates as the worse. The chicken dishes were inedible chunks of fat and sinew, the crispy beef was hard fried chunks of fat and all the meals were slow in arriving, and cold once delivered. We had a party of four and we timed about 15min between the first and last main course meal being delivered. Needless to say our complaints led to the Mangeress waiving the bill.
Probably the worse restaurant meal I can remenber having.

Posted by: Amoolya Harshan on 27 Jan ' 09 at 09:28
  • Would you go back to this restaurant? No

We decided to dine in Shang Place on Jan 15th on My Husbands Birthday . For the type of Food Served the menu was very Pricy. The rice Dishes were good. They did not have a wide selection in Regards to Soup and Starter. We ordered Tofu with Prawns and this did not taste good at all..... I would never go back to dine there again.


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