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Buddha Bar

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Since its founding in Paris in 1996, Buddha-Bar has grown into a massive brand – if you haven’t dined in one of it’s venues, you might have slept in one of its hotels, relaxed in one of its spas, or (most-likely) heard one of the running series of compilation albums which peddle the brand’s distinct thread of world-tinged lounge house. In the same way that the music sounded cool at first, but has worn out its welcome 15 years later, Buddha-Bar’s pan-Asian, world-fusion cuisine isn’t half as revolutionary as it once was – nor is founder Raymond Visan’s ‘vision’ of a combined restaurant-lounge-club venue (Dubai is littered with them).
Despite that, the brand’s heritage means they know how to do things right. While pricey, the food selection – that heavily hyphenated Japanese-Thai-Chinese-Indian hybrid – varies from competent to splendid. Meanwhile the huge screen windows looking out onto the Marina, and the huge Buddha that towers over the room (part-class, part-tack) make this a most memorable dining spot.
Open Sat-Wed 8pm-2am, Thu-Fri 8pm-3am. Grosvenor House Dubai, Dubai Marina, www.grosvenorhouse-dubai.com (04 399 8888).

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Posted by: linah on 09 Jun ' 13 at 15:44
  • Best for: Romantic

great place with great atmosphere and very good food! Intend on going back again

Posted by: mishail on 25 May ' 12 at 02:35

the place is beautiful but the staff is extremely rude. i was planning on hosting a dinner for 10 there and i was rudely declined since apparently the minimum spend has to be for 3000dhs. all waiters told us different stories , some agreed to cater to us while some were just plain rude. not a good experience and i would advice most parties to stay clear of buddha bar, especially non drinkers

Posted by: Jhona on 27 Feb ' 12 at 11:41
  • Best for: Romantic

I would absolutely come back to this place! Good food and has a really nice atmosphere! Enjoy!

Posted by: patrick on 02 Dec ' 11 at 18:38


Posted by: ketan on 15 Aug ' 11 at 20:35
  • Best for: Romantic

Interiors too good, Ambiance too good, Food average, Drinks list average, Service poor.
On arrival for a anniversary dinner, we were offered a wine list and since we were not in a mood to drink wine, we declined it and straight away we were given the Menu which did not include a drink list, by the time the drink list had come we had already made up our mind for dinner. Hence we told the waiter our preferred drinks and the dinner order at the same time stressing on the fact that we wanted to have our dinner after we had had our drinks.
Surprisingly in no time we had our dinner and there was no sign of drinks and we told the waiter that we were still waiting for our drinks to which the waiter was hesitant in taking the food back, after insisting further the food was gone and drinks had arrived.
Later food arrived but not what we had ordered, there were items missing and to top it all none of the seniors had come to even have a word with us for the inconvenience caused.
Eventually after the entire fiasco someone did come and apologize to us but it was too late, the damage had already be done.

Posted by: Noni T on 17 Feb ' 11 at 09:47

Amazing quality of food, pleasant design and excellent service.... a place to visit when staying in Dubai!!

Posted by: BT on 26 Nov ' 10 at 18:32
  • Best for: Romantic

Perfect venue for exotic fine dine!

Posted by: pam on 19 Jul ' 10 at 17:34

never again, it is becoming a pick up place, and the music is so bad, i wonder why??? food is ok, service is good, bar area is very bad,...no mood-no good service, the music is so high, and very bad. it's a shame...

Posted by: saleh setiawan on 24 Apr ' 10 at 22:23
  • Best for: Romantic

Posted by: MARK T on 20 Dec ' 09 at 11:02

Best place in town. always lively and food fantastic.
Music is great and progressive over the night.

Posted by: Mireille on 16 Nov ' 09 at 07:52
  • Best for: Romantic

This was one of the best places I have been to in dubai...service was wonderful food was amazing and the decor is enchanting....enjoy

Posted by: Rohit on 24 Sep ' 09 at 18:26
  • Best for: Romantic

Chic place to be in and very good ambiance. One of the best places to be in Dubai. Service is very quick and good. Goodlooking and professional Manager.

Posted by: Aj on 12 Jul ' 09 at 23:51

Posted by: Lama ahmad on 06 Jul ' 09 at 06:12

This place is AMAZING...The food was to die for and the service was quick and efficient!! They even changed my main course after i saw another table order :D They have no problems pleasing their customers and their food is tasty and made to your liking. Will definitely come back again!

Posted by: Titta on 22 Jun ' 09 at 10:01

if you want to eat here, I would not recommend.The restaurenat was too noisy because of bar, the food was disappointing,

Posted by: Chloe on 17 Mar ' 09 at 10:04

Amazing place, great decor, fantastic food and service.

Posted by: Ruth on 16 Mar ' 09 at 09:29

This is like a night club. Food was amazing. I went with a group of friends for a birthday. The service was slow for food and drinks. Although I wasn't there for a romantic meal, there were people eating or should I say kissing each other with great passion!


Highly Commended