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Six days a week Saffron tends to be lifeless and the cuisine disappointingly bland. But it explodes with boisterous activity every Friday when the clock strikes (half past) 12. But unfortunately even the hubbub of brunching antics fails to combat the establishment’s peculiar neon lights and Formica-style surfaces. It offers unrestrained opulence, with more than 220 dishes to choose from, many with a loose Asian theme as well as European staples, salads and desserts. The house is kept entertained by a roving magician performing mind-bending tricks and a DJ spinning ’70s funk – showing great promise for the afternoon, but the quality nosedives as festivities reach their peak. The age old adage of quality and quantity rings true at this brunch, which boasts more choice than a supermarket. That said, the range of dim sum is strong – try the ha gau, which is a real treat. This is an exceedingly opulent party brunch suited to those in large groups out for a bash.
Dhs435 including mixed beverages. 12.30pm-4pm. Atlantis The Palm, Palm Jumeirah (04 426 2626).

By Time Out Dubai staff
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Posted by: Naveed on 09 Nov ' 13 at 14:06
  • Best for: Family friendly

Views on how the food tasted is a matter of personal palate...however, who so ever feels the service at Saffron is under par...is either ignorant or totally and utterly lacks the ability to know a good thing when they experience it. After having been to many of Dubai's most celebrated brunches and buffets....I have my own list of favorites in terms of food taste and variety. BUT in terms of service...Saffron TOPS MY LIST any day....Grace Under Fire is what the team and servers at Saffron are about...to deliver that kind of courtesy, personalized attention and guest service (without getting annoying) is something i am yet to experience elsewhere....A Must Try and request to be seated in either Sagar or Ruble's area to see how its done!

Posted by: Medelyn Marasigan on 11 Apr ' 13 at 10:17
  • Best for: Family friendly

it has great varities of asian cuisine to choose from, though it is quite costly. And I totally agree with Jack Bennet, my favourite is the dessert station. I will kept on coming back and I surely recommend this to my friends.

Posted by: Yasmeen Salem on 03 Nov ' 12 at 06:23
  • Best for: Family friendly

Decoration is great and the place feels comfortable,but seating is not.
Desserts station is the best I had ever seen though missing some basic items.
Food is fresh but tastes belowe my expectation.
Kaleidoscope is much better.
Value for money is low.

Posted by: Peter Massis on 08 Jul ' 12 at 20:15
  • Best for: Family friendly

Hello i just wanted to know is the restaurant usually crowded for the dinner buffet ?

Posted by: Mohd on 15 Mar ' 12 at 02:33

I dont know why people go bck to this resturant after the frist time! it has nothing to do with Indian food ... it is really not good and expensive if compared to other indian resturants ... i prefer to eat keem with parata in any street cantin but not to go back to this resturant

Posted by: P on 18 Feb ' 12 at 14:04

A party of 25 of us visited for brunch yesterday. A lot of food on display but to be honest was more for visual effect! The food, although extensive, was quite bland - they would be better doing less of it and better quality. Sushi and the fish station was particularly poor and disappointing. Drinks stations were a good idea although you have to help yourself - no table service. The dining room its self was more akin to a banqueting hall and a was packed - chairs were banging against each other. It was extremely noisy, not just because of the amount of people but there were no cushions on the chairs or soft furnishings to soften and absorb the noise. The did have some signs with the names of the food on, so maybe the management do read these reviews and take note - lets hope so!....And yes I can confirm that at 15:50 they wheel away the drinks tables and kick you at at 16:00 on the dot. AED415 is a lot for the quality and ambiance definitely our party wont be rushing back!

Posted by: Tracey Fakhry on 13 Feb ' 12 at 07:47

We were a group of 8 that booked at Saffron for brunch. The food and ambience were ok, the service was very good. However, at 4pm the bouncers literally went from table to table telling people to leave and waiting until they did so. You couldnt even finish a drink! (despite paying Dhs 415 per head.) Very rude and humiliating. I definitely wont be returning there to be treated like a child!

Posted by: Annie on 18 Jan ' 12 at 12:48

Went there for the NYE brunch and the service was absolutely dreadful- very slow, couldnt mix a drink, what a waste of money at the Saffron brunch. When I complained they didnt even respond in the correct way. Don't go there if you want to enjoy your evening!!!

Posted by: Jessica Bielea on 09 Jan ' 12 at 16:53
  • Best for: Family friendly

Posted by: Neil Bathe on 26 Sep ' 11 at 12:45

Hated every minute of being there. Deafened by the racket when we went in, extremely slow & poor service. Spot on Time Out review above, with NOTHING being labelled as to what it was. Same experience with the Chefs (or rather the people standing behind the counter) not knowing what was in the food they were serving. Not a single Indian curry with meat, so if you wanted chicken curry, you had to have Thai Green Curry. Not a train smash but at the price you are paying that is extremely poor.

Overall summary, you are eating standard buffet fare in an aircraft hanger with 1,000 other people - and being charged 5* prices - Enjoy!

Posted by: sydney dsouza on 13 Aug ' 11 at 14:34

Disppointed as place was over crowded,interior work and ambience is very poor.Restaurant entrance is not attractive with entry and exit lane.Though we reserved our table online no one was available to greet us.we have to stand on queue to enter inside the restaurant. what a start??Require lot of improvement in service,decor and variety of quality of food.May be good for hotel guest as dine in hall and strongly do not recommend for local customer.There are much better restaurant in dubai then saffron for that value.Felt like food court !!!mine first and last visit to saffron.....!!!Thank u very much.

Posted by: Anas on 24 Jul ' 11 at 08:37
  • Best for: Brunch served

Posted by: Vicki on 24 Jun ' 11 at 17:10
  • Best for: Brunch served

This is brunch is hideous. Can't believe timeout voted it as one of their best brunches. Possibly at 325 it is ok but it's now head now 395.
A cattle market with very average food, long queues and exceptionally drunk people. Not nice.

Posted by: Eng.A.Ahli on 03 Apr ' 11 at 22:49
  • Best for: Family friendly

Waiters & chefs are very friendly and helpful
food is very delicious & always is different and variated
a perfect place for eating alot of fine dishes from different cuizines

Posted by: sadique on 16 Dec ' 10 at 19:07
  • Best for: Family friendly

We just loved the ambience and food, we were 30 and had an enjoyable & memorable evening@Saffron.

Posted by: Domino on 27 Oct ' 10 at 18:40
  • Best for: Family friendly

this restaurant is merely a canteen where kids run riot and parents don't care. As for the food, it was just about ok. The one thing that was quite impressive was the seafood bar with oysters, clams, prawns and tuna sashimi. But if you want a quality evening, avoid Saffron.

Posted by: Ipsita on 19 Oct ' 10 at 06:59
  • Best for: Family friendly

Too noisy...was more like a food court than a restaurant. As a result service was not prompt. Doesn't justify the price at all!

Posted by: Sornarat on 11 Oct ' 10 at 21:27
  • Best for: Family friendly

Various selections, quality of food are not that high but value for money. My 3 friends and I dined on Sunday which they provided 1 bottle of wine when we booked for 4 persons. Service is well attentive and proactive, my table always clean when I came back from the buffet station. They also provided us the birthday cake with happy birthday song for my 2 good friends. It's was our lovely meal and we expecting to come back soon.

Just one comment : Once we booked the table, we was informed and confirmed by restaurant that our package are included soft drinks and 1 bottle of wine when we booked for 4 persons since they have the promotion on every Sundays.
I was asked the hostess who led me to the table again to confirmed, but the answer is totally different. Her answer was nothing included. I referred to my reservation confirmation, she was pretend that she don't know and pass the converation to the waiter instead. She was left without apologized, even her message was wrong. We felt she try her luck to chase on us from her face.

But who's care? Since the rest of service and food was excellent. Just skip her out from my brain

Posted by: Nisreen on 14 Aug ' 10 at 18:21
  • Best for: Family friendly

Had an amazing time at the place. The food was delicious with a wide range of seafood and desserts. it was value for money. Anyone who enjoys seafood should visit.

Posted by: Paul Soper on 25 Jul ' 10 at 15:22
  • Best for: Family friendly

I was invited here by friend in Dubai with my Family a table of 10, I would strongly recommend this casual dinning Restaurant for its fabulous array of food. There is a massive amount choice here and the service was impeccable I think the staff reception waiters chefs all alike have brilliant customer service skills and the review from the "Time out Dubai staff" is completely irregular and in accurate. We had a brilliant time if you open your mind to different dinning Buffet not al-carte for example the food and overall experience is fantastic I strongly recommend going here I will certainly be back. The Wagu Beef is brilliant , Lamb brilliant all and all great and The dessert to top it off excellent with a large selection from Sweet to not so sweet LOVED it Thanks Atlantis. The reservation staff are excellent also. Whom ever wrote the review from Time out staff open your mind I travel full time for work globally and eat from the best to the street food I have a wide scope of dinning experiences . I loved Saffron !!!!

Posted by: Khaled Reza on 27 Jun ' 10 at 16:08
  • Best for: Family friendly

Very friendly service and a beautiful decor and a large variety of food and beverages makes a good dining experience. In contrary to belief, the prices are moderate and the value of money for the food is superb. I would definitely come back to this restaurant.

Posted by: Lama ahmad on 23 Feb ' 10 at 11:11

Felt like sitting in a very expensive food court..too noisy, no taste, filled with tourists who are rude and have no regards to cue or etiquettes...expressive!! Will not go back again!!

Posted by: Szu Yen on 21 Feb ' 10 at 15:27
  • Best for: Family friendly

Amazing Restaurant! Went there with my fiance. And we love it! Definitely going back!

Posted by: Graham Law on 18 Feb ' 10 at 05:46
  • Best for: Family friendly

Yes there is a huge choice of food but nothing is really great quality although when they are catering for such a huge number of people all at once then you make some allowances.

If you want great Chinese, great Indian, or great seafood go somewhere else but if you want to try all of these and a lot more besides then its worth a try.

Also bear in mind that this is where everybody who is staying at Atlantis on an all-in package eats. Go early on and it is mobbed. Everything gets pretty well refreshed so I suggest you don't go before at least 8:30 to allow the feeding frenzy to die down a bit.

Posted by: le shaikh on 25 Nov ' 09 at 09:04
  • Best for: Family friendly

This meal was FANTASTIC. The choice of food and quality is mind blowing...sushi, sashimi, wontons, dim sum, thai, chinse, roast beef, seafood...the list is endless. Me and wife went there to celebrate her belated birthday. The sheer quantum of food almost made her forgive me. The deserts....dont get me started. Excellent service. I would easily qualify this as the best buffet in the GCC. YOU MUST TRY IT TO BELIEVE IT. Bravo Atlantis.

Posted by: Ola on 10 Nov ' 09 at 07:35
  • Best for: Family friendly

Seafood night is just yummy! The place is a bit crowded due to the popularity but it does not affect quality and quantity.
The reservation is very efficient and the service is excellent.

Posted by: peter on 13 Sep ' 09 at 15:53
  • Best for: Business lunch

¨Very poor experience with very expensive bill at the end

Posted by: Nisha on 31 Aug ' 09 at 05:29

Completely dissapointed.
I was told 20 live cooking stations when making a reservation but certainly no.
50% discount on beverages - NO did not get that even after asking for it.
Restaurent felt like a fish market with completely uncomfortable chairs and sticky tables.
No mongolian or pasta station whatsoever.
Kalaedescope was 100 time a better choice both in food and ambience!!
Do not recommend!!

Posted by: y on 28 Aug ' 09 at 21:00
  • Best for: Family friendly

The food was lovely as far as I could tell- there was a huge choice of food and chefs cooking on the spot. It was designed well and there was the biggest chocolate fountain I've ever seen, so it was definitely very family friendly with lots of lovely desserts. The service was good and the waiters were all very helpful and friendly.

Posted by: Talha Khan on 12 Aug ' 09 at 11:54
  • Best for: Family friendly

This a fantastic buffet restaurant, one of the best I've been to. The reviewer doesn't know what he's talking about, the staff are very knowledgable about the food and are only too happy to help out if you stare at something with a puzzled look on your face.

The choice is unbelievable and includes lobster as well. As for the Dessert station then I'm afraid the reviewer lacks good taste or is impossible to please as it was fantastic and included ice cream teppenyaki and an endless supply of different bite sized mini treats.

Well worth the visit!

Posted by: Chris on 17 Jun ' 09 at 05:39
  • Best for: Family friendly

Jack Bennett was right! we've been (30 of us!) to saffron and we could all echoed the same it's fantastic!!! world class & one of it's kind!!!
it's also a value for money. we'll surely come back!!! cheers!!

Posted by: Jack Bennett on 06 Jun ' 09 at 21:51

Who is this MORON making this review? I have travelled the world and been to top restaurants across the world and tonight I eat in the Saffron Restaurant in Atlantis , Palm Island, Dubai and I thought it was world class. Excellent service, fresh and amazing foods everywhere in sight. For him to say the dessert station was a let down is an absolute outrage, it has tapenyaki ice cream, a huge chocolate fountain , crepe station and lots of little treats. I think this critic should not be allowed to review restaurants after this hysterical outrage of a review