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Calicut Paragon

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Abandon cutlery, all ye who enter Calicut Paragon as you dive into curries and stews, appams and parathas. The menu, which focuses on South Indian cuisine, offers up dishes ranging from chicken to crab, and from beef to other seafood. It also has a catch of the day option, with local fish being prepared Keralite style – this does cost slightly more than the ones you’ll find on the menu. The waiters will offer recommendations should you request them, but we’d recommend trying as much as possible, which can be done by ordering the ‘half’ option of many dishes. Flavoured with coconut and spices, the food packs a punch. Try the crab along with the prawn mango curry, as well as the appams. Be warned: it gets so busy at weekends that there’s often a queue snaking around the footpath outside, with loyal patrons waiting to snag a seat.
Open daily 11.30-midnight Sat-Thu, 1pm-midnight Fri. Opposite Lulu Centre, Karama, www.paragonrestaurant.net (04 335 8700).

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Posted by: Jay on 16 Aug ' 13 at 12:07
  • Best for: Family friendly

Hey, the yellow in the biryani is never because of turmeric!!!

By Recipe it is Saffron and in general practice, edible food color...

Posted by: Naz on 25 Jul ' 13 at 13:52

I wanted to try their Iftar offerings ...they had a lot of variety but the service of the staff was really poor...I stood there for almost 10 minutes to get their attention so I could place my order and it was not even that busy...finally frustrated I left without buying...looks like since they are very popular they are not very concerned about customer service anymore

Posted by: yasin on 24 Jul ' 13 at 09:53
  • Best for: Family friendly

the food is good for people with those taste i did not like cause i did not find the food good.

Posted by: gjhefdhh on 21 Jun ' 13 at 09:44
  • Best for: Family friendly

it is the best enda swaad love it umma i want to marri it

Posted by: girish on 29 Mar ' 13 at 15:30

quantity is less and service ia very poor with more crowd and long wait

Posted by: noufal.m on 21 Mar ' 13 at 17:31
  • Best for: Family friendly

iam working in dubai last 10 years. before 15 years we know paragon hotel in calicut

Posted by: don sabastian on 07 Dec ' 12 at 07:56
  • Best for: Business lunch

excellent restaurant ... but in duabi al quasis they have to change signage Board witch is old one... i send my friends they get down in stadium station and they call me 3 time to find the restaurant... so plsss change that old salkara Board and put some attractive color name Board...thxxx

Posted by: rehanagopakumar k on 03 Sep ' 12 at 11:32
  • Best for: Family friendly

first thanks to sumesh,,, we have been visiting this restourant for many times .....very testy food sreve in very desently,so iam proud of im,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but too much time waiting lunch tme please solve the previous time thnaks

Posted by: sudeesh on 29 Aug ' 12 at 07:11
  • Best for: Family friendly

Posted by: sudeesh on 29 Aug ' 12 at 07:11
  • Best for: Family friendly

Posted by: lakshmi on 21 Aug ' 12 at 20:18
  • Best for: Family friendly

Posted by: Anjali on 21 May ' 12 at 10:07
  • Best for: Family friendly

we go hardly to Dubai, may be once in a year, love the food from this restaurant.... specially sea food...do you have any branch in Abu Dhabi?

Posted by: thoufeeq on 15 Feb ' 12 at 06:45

i like this jokes

Posted by: SAJEEV on 13 Jan ' 12 at 17:18
  • Best for: Family friendly

Awesome food...nice people..lovely food..yummm...value for money

Posted by: Rashid Ahamed on 31 Dec ' 11 at 05:33
  • Best for: Family friendly

i would like to thanks the owner.
the food there makes me feel im home.
when i miss home and the food i always take my family there.
im repeating Thanks to Mr. Sumesh (the owner)
you make us feel close to home.

Posted by: nadeem on 20 Aug ' 11 at 22:55
  • Best for: Family friendly

We have been visiting this restaurant for many times and the food served here is awesome.

Posted by: kasak on 20 Aug ' 11 at 17:03
  • Best for: Family friendly

the fish thali for lunch is fantastic. Do try the chicken pulao and crab curry...simply mind blowing.Do open a branch in Gardens and give Appa kadai a run for their money

Posted by: Amaan on 10 Jul ' 11 at 08:39
  • Best for: Family friendly

Excellent Food!! Packed on a Friday Night with a 15 minute waiting time, so make sure to reserve ahead of time. Their Dry Fish is definitely the way to go (crispy and spicy).

Posted by: jayaraj on 01 Jun ' 11 at 09:36

Ordered the food at 12.20 with an assuarance that it will be delivered at 1pm. Now it is 1.45 pm, despite repeated calls and false asuarances the food is still to arrive. The way they speak, treat and the undue delay spoil the apetite.
A hotel cannot be successful only becsuae of good food. Tehere should be a Management who know how to serve the clients
Never recomend this hotel to anybody in life

Posted by: shajin on 31 May ' 11 at 09:06
  • Best for: Family friendly

we keep going minimum thrice a month to salkara...their food especially their keralite lunch thali is the best you can get in all of the emirates bet me on that, also their chicken dry fry, ghee rice, porottas, nathholi fry....i can keep going on and on about their menu....like said by many they need more branches especially in abu dhabi....

Posted by: Anupama on 30 May ' 11 at 10:19
  • Best for: Family friendly

Chicken Biryani was really awesome, great fish fry. love the food.

Posted by: Sree on 19 May ' 11 at 08:28
  • Best for: Family friendly

Great Kerala food! I love the fish and crab dishes. The staff are very friendly and co-operative.

Posted by: polka on 11 May ' 11 at 18:01
  • Best for: Family friendly

Delicious food, very good service! Perhaps the décor isn't the finest but it doesn't really matter - the overall atmosphere is pleasant and lively. Will definitely revisit.

Posted by: Sayali on 10 May ' 11 at 09:48

Lovely food, fish wraped in banana leaves, fried king fish a very thin slice spicy & sour with curry leaves & coconut on top was awesome. Butter chicken & soft paranthas were lovely. Ending with payasam was great. Awesome fooooooooooood.

Posted by: Sadikha on 10 May ' 11 at 09:43

Lovely food, fried fish in banana leaves, also fried king fish spicy, sour with curry patta & coconut on top was awesome. Butter chicken with soft paranthas was superb & ending with the sweet (payasam) was very very tasty.

Posted by: Raima on 06 May ' 11 at 09:41
  • Best for: Family friendly

Posted by: Raima on 06 May ' 11 at 09:39
  • Best for: Family friendly

Posted by: Sandra D'souza on 01 May ' 11 at 09:49
  • Best for: Family friendly

Awesome..................food, I love it. why dont u open a brance in Abu dhabi.

Posted by: Sanjana Naik on 27 Apr ' 11 at 09:28
  • Best for: Romantic

Awesome food, specially fried king fish thin slice, very tasty. Very sad no branch in Abu Dhabi.

Posted by: Anjali on 27 Apr ' 11 at 09:09
  • Best for: Family friendly

Tasty food, if you are a fish lover please visit this place. I loved the fried fish. Our main attraction for going to Dubai is Calicut Paragon. Please open a branch in Abu Dhabi.

Posted by: Satheesh on 19 Apr ' 11 at 13:27
  • Best for: Family friendly

Posted by: jerald on 31 Mar ' 11 at 10:24
  • Best for: Romantic

I will never go this restaurant, The Food is okay. They have a very poor Door Delivery system. If you order a food it takes 3 hours to Deliver and they commit 30 to 40 min. it has happened many times to me ...

Posted by: Pratheep on 31 Mar ' 11 at 09:21

I have ordered a delivery at 10.45AM... and still waiting time now is 1.30 PM...

it must be my mistake didn't inform them i order lunch but not dinner..............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Matt on 12 Mar ' 11 at 05:38
  • Best for: Family friendly

After many years of searching for a really good place to treat my clients to dinner, I was disappointed many times. But Calicut Paragon restored my faith in indian cuisine. I have taken my family there many times now and the food is simply exquisite. The queue on weekends is very long though. Thats the only shortcoming.

Posted by: PRAJITH on 24 Feb ' 11 at 11:51




Posted by: SD on 08 Jan ' 11 at 06:58
  • Best for: Family friendly

So in a nutshell - the restaurant has delicious food, friendly staff and is absolute value for money. However they could work on their hygiene a little bit. Definitely going back for more.

Posted by: Vinay on 25 Dec ' 10 at 09:49
  • Best for: Family friendly

If you are staying in International City, then this is a must visit restaurant. Awesome food!! Be it the parathas, biryanis or the kababs.. Keep it up Indi Spice!!

Posted by: HAROON on 27 Nov ' 10 at 09:25
  • Best for: Family friendly

very good food amazing tast, vellappal & mutton curry i like too muchu

Posted by: Michael Subhakar on 10 Nov ' 10 at 14:17
  • Best for: Family friendly

Worth for the money spent, especially the thali served for lunch. Tasteful and reallly kearalite.

Posted by: dhav on 08 Nov ' 10 at 18:47

The Food is good. The have a very poor Door Delivery system. If you order a food it takes 2 hours to Deliver and they commit 30 to 40 min. it has happened many times to me

Posted by: Hussain on 25 Oct ' 10 at 06:40
  • Best for: Family friendly

Though Food is nice and service is good, its totally noisy.

Posted by: jkbhiuhoipopkl on 09 Oct ' 10 at 16:04

Posted by: Suresh menon on 27 Sep ' 10 at 15:00
  • Best for: Family friendly

It is extremely good
there is no other place to get such good malabari cuisine
i being a north indian found the food extremely exotic
the beef dry fry and the chicken biriyani were superb

Posted by: shabana muneer on 05 Aug ' 10 at 08:16

all items are tasty, chicken biriyani is superb

Posted by: muhammed musthafa pp on 28 Jun ' 10 at 10:28
  • Best for: Family friendly


Posted by: anilkumar on 25 Jun ' 10 at 09:35
  • Best for: Family friendly

the best restaurant which combines with great food , good service, clean atmosphere,great value for money. atleast u can eat a good clean and tasty food which comes in ur wallet . this all u will get in big hotels wich is above of all.
thanks for this great taste

Posted by: sabinyashid on 26 Apr ' 10 at 09:04
  • Best for: Family friendly

Posted by: Malisa Miranda on 18 Apr ' 10 at 07:51
  • Best for: Family friendly

Posted by: Dr. Raji Mathew on 12 Apr ' 10 at 17:12

I'm yet to see any restaurant with such a unanimously positive verdict and I'm in total agreement with it. I think the Time Out guys were slightly of the mark on this one.
The food is excellent in taste. It leaves you wondering what to order. What this place lacks in food presentation and decor often found in high-end restaurants, it more than makes up in taste and for the price they charge, it's a winner. I wonder what what the reviews would be if this food were to be supplanted in some of the pricier establishments many of which are regularly panned by diners but nevertheless find mention among the top restaurants.

Posted by: Sonia on 07 Apr ' 10 at 08:34
  • Best for: Family friendly

Their food is amaaaazing! fantastically authentic, not so spicy that it'll kill you, but spicy enough to be authentic indian. Try their crab curry, it's delicious! Their meen pollichatu (marinated fish wrapped in banana leaves and steamed) is very good too. But their mutton biryani wins hands down! The meat is so tender that is melts in your mouth, that combined with their dates pickle and mint chutney.... heaven!

Posted by: Vipin on 05 Apr ' 10 at 07:44
  • Best for: Family friendly

Amazing food..I Love it. Traditional typical malabarian cuisine

Posted by: Bill on 20 Dec ' 09 at 10:38

Posted by: Maria Furtado on 03 Nov ' 09 at 08:18
  • Best for: Family friendly

Great Food at a very affordable price.... Each dish has its own special taste and flavour. I particularly loved the prawn in thick gravy.

Posted by: farhanajeeb on 17 Sep ' 09 at 18:24
  • Best for: Family friendly


Posted by: Sunil Shankaran on 31 Aug ' 09 at 07:51
  • Best for: Family friendly

We have been in dubai for the last 24 years and are proud to say that, never we had tasted such authentic and amazing food anywhere, whether its non veg or veg. every single dish tastes fantastic. our family liked the Non-veg Thali and the mutton biriyani and the fish mollugutathu the most. ofcourse every dish is authentic.
we salute the cooks behind the success .
Congrats keep it up Calicut Paragon.

Sunil & Family.

Posted by: Mithu on 25 Aug ' 09 at 17:20

Food is great ! Their chicken biryani is the best ! And so is the kanava(squid) fry, prawn onion fry, chicken stew with apam . Its jam packed most of the time..especially during weekends..but its worth all the wait !!

Posted by: aparna gurudas on 28 Jul ' 09 at 18:15
  • Best for: Family friendly

FOOD DELICIOUS!!!!!!!! but only one condition I cannot finish everything that I eat

Posted by: Alok Gurudas on 28 Jul ' 09 at 18:03
  • Best for: Family friendly

Posted by: Jikku on 23 Jul ' 09 at 07:31
  • Best for: Family friendly

FOOD DELICIOUS !!!!!!!! SERVICE EXCELLENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only problem i find there is the waiting..... why dont u guys open up some more branches...........

Posted by: fahad rahman on 08 Jul ' 09 at 14:22
  • Best for: Family friendly

Posted by: amrit rodrigues on 25 Jun ' 09 at 07:41
  • Best for: Family friendly

The only issue is being able to get a reservation.... the place is so popular that there always is a long qeue of hopeful diners.... awesome food at a very affordable price

Posted by: Sreehari Menon on 24 Jun ' 09 at 07:32
  • Best for: Family friendly

Posted by: Sunitha Joseph on 24 May ' 09 at 14:54
  • Best for: Family friendly

Posted by: Veena on 24 May ' 09 at 09:18
  • Best for: Family friendly

Posted by: Gokul on 04 May ' 09 at 16:21
  • Best for: Family friendly

Wow tasty food at good value....

Posted by: Gokul on 04 May ' 09 at 16:15
  • Best for: Family friendly

Wow Good food....reasonabel rate....Masala fried chicken is my favourite....try....all time good

Posted by: Biju on 04 Apr ' 09 at 12:51
  • Best for: Family friendly

Posted by: Sunitha Joseph on 23 Feb ' 09 at 03:44
  • Best for: Family friendly

By far, the best Keralite food I have ever had. The food served is authentic and tastes amazing . Great value for money1

Posted by: bindu on 08 Jan ' 09 at 06:58
  • Best for: Family friendly

We have been visiting this restaurant for many times and the quality of food served has not changed (very very delicious).
We do recommend this restaurant for all those who wish to have a family get together. But better make advance booking as it is pretty full on week ends.


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