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At.mosphere Restaurant and Lounge

Nominated for Best Business Lunch 31 Comments

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At.Mosphere offers the most expensive business lunch in town, at around Dhs200 more than the average. However, it is also perhaps the best location in town, at 123 floors up the world’s tallest building. It certainly has the best views. And with the wow factor in the bag, thankfully the food doesn’t let down its side of the bargain: the weekly set menu is likely to feature creative ensembles such as wagyu beef with slow cooked egg and sour dough crostini, or guilt head sea bream. Service is great, with each waiter assigned to just a handful of tables, and able to turn the three courses around in 60 minutes if required. So if you have a lot riding on your business meeting, we recommend you display your priorities and invest in this option.
Dhs390 (soft drinks); Dhs450 (inclusive one glass of house beverages); Dhs500 (inclusive a glass of bubbly). Daily 12.30pm-3pm. Burj Khalifa (04 888 3444)

By Time Out Dubai staff
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Posted by: R M on 27 Feb ' 14 at 14:23

I was there today for Lunch and I was very disappointed!
This is what you get when you listen to the marketing gimmicks.
The hand cut fries was sooooo full of salt. The Smokey pepper sauce for my rib eye was soooooooo salty as well. The steak was below average. I have eaten steaks in Dubai at way cheaper price and way above quality. Service is average.

The money I spent was really not the food I got.

The elevator going up was amazingly quick - maybe this is the reason why the restaurant was expensive---it includes the fare for the bullet elevator.:-)

Posted by: jo bornman on 08 Jul ' 13 at 02:48

A poor bland selection of white bread, tasteless often soggy dough that left me feeling nauseous. I think I saw a caviar egg on the 5cm x3cm single piece of white bread but it might have been dust.!! Service was difficult with the first offer of refreshments offered 30 minutes after arrival. Scones arrived over 2hrs later whilst staff vacuumed and moved furniture for the evening. This was at 1715hrs. A very clear message avoid this place.

Posted by: Archtraveller on 05 Jan ' 13 at 15:07

Things have changed some since TimeOut's oliver Robinson reviewed the At.mosphere. In fact, a few of the items he mentioned like the gianduja chocolate dessert and the beef short ribs were not on the menu at all. We went for lunch today to the restaurant.

THE FOOD? In short - was very average considering the excellent fare that prices like that can fetch you in dubai !
The divers scallops which my wife had was very good. The beef tartare which I had was really not! The fact that they added cucumbers and a strange salty sauce(supposedly thai) overpowered the wagyu beef and ruined the dish.
For the mains,we ordered 2steaks - the Rump and the Ribeye. They were not the best and tasted like fare that could be had in any basic steakhouse. Greasy, not cooked to order and bland! the accompaniments were good though - the steak fries were yummy, the mushrooms were fresh and tender and the spinach was sauteed beautifully.
I decided to pass up the dessert as the menu did not have the gianduja chocolate mousse, in favour of a expresso macchiato which was superb!

THE AMBIENCE: Excellent! With understated decor and breathtaking views, the venue lived up to its reputation(and more!).

THE SERVICE: Surprisingly great! Attentive and informed staff.

OVERALL EXPERIENCE: A definite one time experience if you have an extra 1100AED(easily) to spare. But just like At the Top, its a one visit wonder! Could really give the food a miss...I hear the lounge offers high tea which is better.

Posted by: Aisling on 10 Aug ' 12 at 18:08
  • Best for: Romantic

We had a wonderful evening. We went extra early and enjoyed drinks in the lounge first whilst watching the sun go down. All the staff were very friendly and helpful. Because we were early we had the luck of getting a table by the window. Food was amazing, especially the starters. Restaurant has a very nice ambiance and setting. Loved it.

Posted by: Dev on 28 Jun ' 12 at 14:37
  • Best for: Romantic

The reviews are so confusing.. either people are telling its way too good or the people are highly dissatisfied. M sot sure if the good comments are actually written by the people who experienced it or by the Atmosphere staff. If the restaurant ambience & Food is so amazing why no1 atleast rated it on a medium level.

Posted by: majo on 30 May ' 12 at 22:44

Edited by TimeOutDubai.com

I've never been to this place am in 7 th grade i'm doing a project and would like it if you could tell me were are the other plce or the names of the places we should go to?:)

Posted by: Pathuk Dzailis on 29 Apr ' 12 at 03:35
  • Best for: Business lunch

It was rubbish!!!

Posted by: lmezmal jack on 21 Mar ' 12 at 07:40
  • Best for: Romantic

i had a dinner last week with my wife, while we were celebrating our 6 year anniversary. we never had such amazing experiance as that dinner where the food and the service were more than what w expected, the ambiance was Waw our waiter was effeciant, and the food just WaW, we had the soft shell crab and the poached lobster followed by 2 australian david black more sorloin...
Amazing place to strongly recomend.
looking to enjoy the lunch next time...
jack lm

Posted by: Shannon on 05 Feb ' 12 at 10:12

Well I disagree with a lot of these reviews. We took some visitors for high tea, as you do, and the food was good and presented beautifully. The service staff and chef were completely accommodating to our dietary requests as well. We stayed for sunset, during which time they do not have alcohol, just "mocktails." For 200dhs/ea, the high tea had no time limit (that I was aware of), and had good food (little tea-time bites, etc) and, oh, a ridiculously spectacular view. If you spend 100dhs to book the observation deck called "At the Top" (ONLY if you book ahead online, otherewise it's 400dhs/ea if you buy at the counter!!), you can only "observe" the view and you don't get to hang out and eat and drink for eons. I think Atmosphere is a great place. We will have to try an actual dinner here sometime and report back...

Posted by: jimmy lopez on 09 Jan ' 12 at 09:15
  • Best for: Business lunch


Like one of the previous reviews mentioned - it's like Disneyland, but without the fun!

The positive reviews are mainly made by the restaurant employees (I know from an insider that this is indeed a fact!).

The food is average, the service I must say bad and not very professional, and besides the heavy bill there is nothing to remember.

If you you want a good food experience go elsewhere.

If you want the view, go to the observation deck.

If you want disappointment go to Atmosphere.

Where are Mr. Dardenne and Chef Viktor??? We can see the change -NEGATIVE

Sorry, but what I write is simply true.

Posted by: albert on 05 Jan ' 12 at 05:30
  • Best for: Romantic

awesome view. simple service and simple place. i totally expected something more. but the steak was great.
also a plus was the special cake made for our anniversary.

Posted by: Undercover critic on 01 Dec ' 11 at 12:56

The Ladies Night here was vile. OK so you're asking for that by turning up to a ladie's night anyway, but the organisation and service at Atmosphere was horrendous.

What could have just been an averagely overcrowded Ladies night became positively unenjoyable, scarring even, by the perversely rude staff.

In order to collect your free drinks you have to be given these coupon things. We didn't find that out until we were already in the bar, but when we went back out to the entrance way to ask for them, the front-of-house guy tutted, threw his eyes up to the heavens, clasped his hands together and came mincing out from behind his little desk to give us a defensive tirade about how it's overcrowded and a health risk for us to go in. Er...we just came out from there. "I KNOW I SAW YOU". Ok...so why is it suddenly dangerous for us to be in there? "We are overcrowded above our legal limit". So you said. But we booked in advance and were here early. And we just came out from there. "Well everywhere gets overbooked. Disneyland gets overbooked.". Ok I've lost you now...Atmosphere is like Disneyland? Needless to say we didn't get the vouchers from him. But when we finally talked our way back inside, the first person we asked gave us the vouchers straight away without any questions. No idea what was going on!

It was so unco-ordinated, you had to practically rugby tackle the waiters to get served, and the guy who is seemingly supposed to make you feel welcome is a creepier version of the billy goats gruff troll. All in all, not ideal.

Posted by: Thomas Freed on 01 Nov ' 11 at 14:56
  • Best for: Business lunch

OMG, Never again!!!

The food is average and the service slow, eventhough you are surrounded by an army of waiters!!!

No value for money. I also must agree that eating at the STEAKHOUSE OF THE JW MARRIOTT might not have the view, but the food and "atmosphere (the ral one) is purly unique and worth every cent.

For the view go to the Burj Khalifa Observatory deck and then fill your belly elsewhere :)

Maybe due to the lack of oxygen up there, the management and waiter are flying a bit to high and lost touch with reality.

Thanks Thomas

Posted by: Amy Swope on 22 Jul ' 11 at 11:29
  • Best for: Romantic

A fantastic restaurant under every aspect.
Went to Atmosphere because I had to....Dubai's and the World tallest building etc...but I was super impressed,I was skeptic after reading some of the review talking about Marriott Steak House being better
...sorry folks but we are not in the same League..."At.mosphere" is a really impressive restaurant.

Posted by: abraham hudson on 22 Jul ' 11 at 11:20
  • Best for: Romantic

Excellent restaurant! the one to visit in Dubai,sharp service,great food(a surprise to be honest,as touristy restaurants in such locations tend to be a let down sometimes)...less expensive then expected....I will definitely go back for our anniversary when will visit Dubai again
Abraham and Liz
Dallas, Texas

Posted by: Burke Moore on 20 Jul ' 11 at 01:26
  • Best for: Family friendly

I had the most perfect time at At.mosphere. I ordered the ribe eye , medium, and was just perfect!!! For starter I order the tortelline and the truffles shaved on the top made the dish amazing.
And for the desert I totally suggest the Grand Marnier souffle, my friends and I just loved it.
Thanks to everybody on the restaurant time...

Posted by: Emil Minev, on 11 Jul ' 11 at 08:54
  • Best for: Romantic

This goes to Marc Wolfberg (previous review),

are you a Hotelier? I don't think so!

I truly do not believe that you understand the "exquisite quality" of any dish in any restaurant. I also believe that you only want to show of and put this one-time visit on the big bell (to impress your friends:))

Be honest Marc, the food is ok, but not worth the money. ITS ALL ABOUT THE VIEW.

Many hoteliers I talked to were laughing about this place. The service is ridiculous, but reflects the situation of EMAAR (incl. Armani and The Address).

Try it yourself, and you will see that that paying 1000 Dirhams a head can be very disappointing - SO DON'T SPEND IT THERE.



Posted by: Roger Fedrigos on 11 Jul ' 11 at 08:29
  • Best for: Romantic

Oh boy, oh boy!

Yes, Mohamed, yes Marc (see comments before), if you are amazed by a elevator ride (Wow factor??? ) then go to Ferrari World or travel the world. If you are amazed by good food and service, which apparently creates jealousy amongst hoteliers, then really, really go somewhere else. If you have not understood until now that the only thing amazing in this restaurant is the VIEW than sorry to say, McDonald gives you the same WOW FACTOR (at least for Mohamed and Marc :)).
JW STEAKHOUSE is unbeatable and there it is not about any view, but about pure quality and true service.
Marc, as I do have extensive food knowledge, I can only say that with such a great oven they have, they should be able to do more, and yes the quality of the meat is excellent, but if you do not know how to cook it (requested medium-rare as a meat lover, but got it medium-well,..) than there is definitely something wrong somewhere.

Mohamed and Marc, try some other places that are not about showing off and impressing your "girlfriend", but about good food and service.

I hope this review can help anyone to decide not to pay over AED1000 just to have a good view over Dubai. The Observatory gives you the same kick for less money. With the savings you go out for a good dinner :)

Best regards,


Posted by: Mohamed on 03 Jul ' 11 at 10:07
  • Best for: Romantic

I thought I truly understood the wow factor. then I went to At.mosphere. Now I understand the WOW FACTOR!!!!!!!!
First of all we were whisked up in the smoothest and fastest elevator ride in the world. We decended down a staircase and had to hold our breath as we came down. The views were unbelievable. thought I was in a helicopter. I wish I knew the recipe for the steak because it was the best I ever had. I am sure the quality also had a lot to do with it. Sure I had high expectations, but for sure they were definitely met. Service-AMAZING, Food-DELICIIOUS, Views- BREATHTAKING. Overall it is no doubt the best restaurant I have ever been to and I can't wait to get back again. Wish I could experience it every day...

Posted by: Marc Wolfberg on 03 Jul ' 11 at 09:46
  • Best for: Romantic

I had dinner at At.mosphere and was simply unforgettable.
I don´t understand why some people spend their time checking what the waiters are doing in the other tables or losing their time just to criticize everything, well, hoteliers are jealous, sorry to say.
My dinner was superb...the food was outstanding, the service was knowledgeable and warm and the view is simply impossible to compare.
Any person with some food knowledge would understand the exquisite quality of the dishes.
The manager was helpful and friendly.
I definitely recommend.

Posted by: PETER THUMBLING on 15 Jun ' 11 at 12:00
  • Best for: Romantic

Atmosphere, No Thank You!!

Food is too expensive for what you get (NO VALUE FOR MONEY).
The Observatory a few floors above is the better choice, at least you only pay for the view and for the BAD SERVICE (not attentive).

Never again. If you want to waste money or impress your one-day girl friend then it is ok, otherwise if you enjoy food and good service, stay on the ground and eat at the GRILL ROOM, JW STEAK HOUSE, or EXCHANGE GRILL.

MORE REVIEWS see link below


Posted by: EMANUELE on 11 Jun ' 11 at 09:42
  • Best for: Business lunch

Dear Atmosphere team.

I know you will never answer to this feedback, even though I believe you should as mine and the comments of others should assist you to improve your service.

I went for lunch on Friday 10/06/2011 to Atmosphere. During the reservation process you will be asked to give your CC number and are advised that if you cancel your reservation (late) a fee of AED 200 will be applied. In addition a table at the window cannot be guaranteed, you need to spend AED 300 minimum per person, and kids under 6 are not allowed. Overall a very POSITIVE start, isn't it ? :)
Well, my expectations were now at a very high level as only exquisite restaurants in New York and London or Michelin Stars restaurants throughout the world would do that.
We arrived by car and you need to drive down to the basement. Not a very glamorous appeal. You are then greeted by a lady at a desk who will then reconfirm your details and direct you to another lady that with an electronic key will open the gate leading to the elevator. I thought I will have to take the metro or subway as the system is the same :).
The fast elevator ride will bring you to the restaurant or at least one floor above.
After being seated the menu arrived. Fairly reduced options with fairly HIGH prices, well we are on the 122 floor :).

I expected much much more! As a hotelier I noticed that they were a lot of staff on the floor, but regretfully the attention to our table, and some others, seemed to be lacking. The restaurant was actually not really full and most of the guests were sitting at the window even though the reservation process made it seem that the restaurant would be very popular and packed. This was not the case!
The waiters did not seem very informed and the Manager did only visit our table briefly. The captain, I believe, seemed to had bitten his tongue that day, as he did not say a word to us, not even when placing our dishes on the table. He did also never smile, maybe this is not required anymore in the new hospitality trade?
The wine list is very reduced and lacks a certain wow factor.
We ordered the beef Tartar and the taste was good, even though I believe it could have been minced/ cut a bit finer. Maybe I am to conservative, but simple toast would have been the better choice rather that the "special bread" for this dish.
As a main course we had the Angus Sirloin. It had a nice taste of grill, but our request of having it cooked Medium-Rare turned out to be a Medium. As nobody ever asked how things are, I just quietly accepted this. The side dish of BBQ potatoes were very disappointing and tasteless. No taste of BBQ (grill) at all. I thought they were boiled and the skin was "annoying".

The dessert was the high-light of our meal. We had the 122 Sphere. Vanilla ice cream covered in chocolate, placed on a chocolate tart (72% chocolate) - Nice, but you should have seen the mess on our table as we shared one dessert, but they did not provide us with small dessert plates.

Overall I believe the service is below average and certainly not at the level of NY, London, or Hong Kong. I thought the staff was not very attentive and not really knowledgeable (e.g. the captain had to take out a little cheating note to remember the 5 pieces of cheese served to the table next to us, come on 5 cheeses, you can remember that!) The prices on the other hand are on that high level, but I still do not know why. I truly think it is the "View-Factor" as I can surly exclude the service and food quality factors giving me the justification of price.
If I would have the choice again I would go to JW Steak House as I believe the food and service there is much better.
Atmosphere did actually lack in atmosphere! You can only justify your prices with the location and view you are offering, otherwise I believe if you would be with your feet on the ground (I mean on the ground level), your competitors would surpass you in price, food quality, and service, which would make it very difficult for you to survive.

I wish you good luck and hope my feedback will assist you to make the necessary improvements.

Regards, Emanuele

Posted by: Roger Wittecker on 02 Jun ' 11 at 11:39
  • Best for: Romantic

Edited by TimeOutDubai.com

NO ATMOSPHERE @ ATMOSPHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had a very EXPENSIVE average meal.. Service was a bit slow and WHY, WHY can I NOT reserve a table at the window. Be honest, taht is why everybody is really coming to you-the great view. The retaurant is anything but NY style. Its cold and very "NORMAL" I will not go back. Greetings, Roger

Posted by: allan gordon on 18 Mar ' 11 at 21:12
  • Best for: Family friendly

very much i am really happy and honoured to be in atmosphere who will go to newyork to kobe club,oldstead steakhouse,when u have it nearby with great quality of food ,impeccable service ,value for money.only one thing or i would put in this way i dare to say chef please do change ur menu according to your cliental needs other than that it was outstanding.

Posted by: Debbie on 14 Mar ' 11 at 10:00
  • Best for: Business lunch

I agree that views great and food was pretty good too -but yes we do have so many other great outlets here, and they should remember this. The getting in however! Boy what a problem....getting through a maze would have been easier. My tip is even if you live 2 seconds away, as I do, take a cab! You are turned back -yes turned back in your Jimmy Choo's, from one entrance to another by staff. A bit much when you are spending that sort of dough!......please remember guys you do have foot visitors as well as cars. Once inside we were still lost, and then the 'metro' type entrance.....prcocious or what??!! Make is simple guys!!

Posted by: Andrew Mc Kay on 28 Feb ' 11 at 12:54

I went there for Dinner, table of 2, poor experience. The food was ok, nothing special but the service staff was a disaster at all. Never again for such money. There are better choices available in Dubai.

Posted by: Julia on 20 Feb ' 11 at 13:38

I visited the At.Mosphere restaurant in January 2011. I wanted to take my parents for a very nice dinner since they were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary.

Since I was informed that a table on the window can not be promised we made a reservation for 7pm, hoping to be able to get a table. As we arrived we were warmly welcomed and the window table was promised to us. They even told us they will hold our table until we enjoyed a drink in the lounge.

Since two of us were smokers we decided for the smoking area in the lounge (which is by the way the only smoking area since there is none in the restaurant)

The dinks were fabulous ( I recommend to try the cosmopolitan, it contains an extremely good kind of vodka) and we enjoyed the nice atmosphere before we started out to dinner.

The atmosphere with the view from 122nd floor is amazing and the general setting of the restaurant fits, in my opinion at least, with the view.

The Menu has its base in France and seems very limited: There were about five items for appetizers, ranging from salad with goat cheese (120 dhs), foie grass (about 140dhs), scallops (180dhs), truffle soup (120dhs) to something I can not remember anymore for about 180 dhs.

We decided for the foie gras, truffle soup as well as goat cheese salad. The foie grass was very good, had a decent since and was served with warm bread. The truffle soup was delicious but the goat cheese salad seemed like a joke: 2 leaves and a peanut – sized cheese. Even though it was delicious I think it would not destroy the financial situation of the restaurant to add at least some more salad leaves.

The main course selection offers one chicken dish (180 dhs), grilled sea bass with peas (280 dhs) catch of the day for at that day 350 dhs and steaks starting from 300 dhs including 2 sides (one sauce and one side).

We picked the fish fillet and the filet steak with pepper sauce as well as herb butter. The fist was a delicious although nothing special. The fillet steak was very well cooked, rich in taste but also nothing “special” just very good meat cooked in a simple way.

We also had a great bottle of red whine as well as still water.

Since we had a special day to celebrate the patisserie of the Armani Hotel created a mousse-au chocolate cake just for this anniversary (dhs 360) so I was not able to try the normal desserts but they looked good and where in between 60 and 100 dhs.

All in all I have to say that I would definitively go back to this restaurant. The food was good even though it is better to not expect anything special food wise. There are better places food wise but the At.Mosphere is definitely the first address if you are seeking for a stunning view and a nice atmosphere for a special evening

Posted by: Roger Fedrigos on 20 Feb ' 11 at 07:53


Very disappointed.

Never Again. SORRY

Posted by: bert bock on 16 Feb ' 11 at 17:55

Im need Tel . Nr. for Reservation

Greetings bert bock

Posted by: John Wilkinson on 16 Feb ' 11 at 08:42

Never again.

You guys are flying a bit to high (litrally!!!

The financial crisis did really not teach you anything. Attract people with reasonable prices and good food. Not with poor quality food, miserable service, and super high prices. NO VALUE FOR MONEY - JUST SHOW.
EMAAR must be doing very well, or maybe not.

Good luck to you, but like this the restaurant will be empty (maybe just like the Armani restaurants - well, same management).


Posted by: stephen kimani kinyanjui on 06 Feb ' 11 at 05:02

its amazing how hospitality has reach such zenith in customer care and guest service,for sure been a hotelier am proud for this achievement, am looking foward to dinning with you,,,keep it up,


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