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jones the grocer

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This futuristic restaurant/cafe/grocery store, with a distinct industrial look and feel and open-plan kitchen, offers readymade sandwiches, pastries and tempting cakes, displayed at the counters dotted around the space. The impressive gourmet coffee station offers the cafe’s unique blend as well as other favourites from around the world. Grocery items that the cafe is famed for are of top quality, adventurous and unusual – like fruit flavoured balsamic. However, the food itself could do with a little sprucing up, perhaps with some of the adventurous flavours in the condiments for sale. The pumpkin, ricotta and spinach lasagne tastes earthy and would do well if cooked with a sprinkle of herbs and a dash of seasoning. Drinks and desserts are much better – the passion fruit cheesecake is particularly pleasing. But guests are served promptly by well informed staff, and with such comfortable surroundings, a visit to Jones the Grocer is well worth it.
Sun-Thu 8am-11pm, Fri-Sat 9am-11pm. Sheikh Zayad Road (opposite Times Square Center), www.jonesthegrocer.com (04 346 6886).

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Posted by: Shaima on 12 Jun ' 13 at 07:29

I have always love the food there.
But since they opened they have been increasing their prices, 3 times now. And my most ever favourite cake, price was tripled and size doubled, and when I tasted it was shockingly sour.It wasnt like it used to be. I am disappointed about that. We are made to pay more, which makes me think of not going their much.

Posted by: Artih on 18 Mar ' 13 at 14:00

It is dreadful, staff are terrible, food is very disappointing.

Posted by: Ben on 02 Mar ' 13 at 16:20

The food looks good, but the risotto was watery and bland and the quiche heavy. Our dishes came in reverse order, with the appetizers arriving well after the main course. Even worse was the service -- we were actually served dessert with the dinner plates still on the table, and just pushed to the side. No attempt to clear away, until I asked a passing waitress -- and then only partly cleared, and the table not wiped.

Posted by: Shaz on 28 Jan ' 13 at 16:06

Best burger in Dubai!

Posted by: Hamad on 10 Jan ' 13 at 07:27
  • Best for: Family friendly

Overall, it was average. They dont fill up the coffee mugs. The hot drink are not really hot. Not consistant in quality. I wont even dare to think about visiting it after 10:30am on weekends; you will be just left alone with no food.

Posted by: Riffy on 18 May ' 12 at 12:41
  • Best for: Family friendly

AAAAAMMMAAAZZZIIINNNGGGGG!!!!!!!!!! Large variety of phenomenal food. And i highly recommend this!

Posted by: Hannah on 28 Mar ' 12 at 06:42

This was the first time that I have been to Jones, after hearing lots of great reviews from friends (some of who are infact chefs).
Jones did not disappoint. We went for breakfast on a Friday and the place was buzzing. It was convenient to park right outside, even though the cafe was packed full of people. It was busy but being managed very well.
We opted to sit outside and got seated right away. The one negative that I would say is that the outside area isnt very pretty and we felt slightly sandwiched between the restaurant wall and the terrace wall.
Staff were extremely attentive and gave their opinion of what was popular and what they liked off the menu.
The eggs benedict with beef bacon was delicious, and so was my husbands full english breakfast.
I would like the opportunity again to go at a quieter time and be able to browse through the produce on sale and try the lunch menu!
Cant help but think how well another store/restaurant would do in a better location or at a mall.
It gives Lime Tree and More a run for their money!

Posted by: Matt on 02 Mar ' 12 at 09:44

Although the food is nice the and the service is good it is overpriced and the kitchen is super slow, if not completely disorganized. I have been there twice as i wanted to give it a chance but after waiting over 30mins for my food on both occasions and then been presented with ok food i will not go back again

Posted by: A.D on 29 Jan ' 12 at 15:12

I had been to Jones once before for brunch and it was an average experience. The food was far from amazing but I had liked it enough to take my family there for brunch the following week. Understandably its busy over the weekend and we were prepared to wait patiently for a table. What we not prepared for were rude and intimidating staff members, who after making us wait an hour. YES ONE HOUR, did not understand our frustration and hardly gave us any information as to when we would be able to sit.

Never have I complained in this manner about a restaurant before and I am a strong believer in pointing out when something deserves commendation. But I strongly feel that the behavior of a certain staff member at Jones is unacceptable, uncalled for and rude. I asked him politely on two occasions not to raise his voice, at which he raised his hand, pointed towards the door and sneered,

"well you better leave then!".

I have just moved to Dubai from London and up until now have not come across such hostile behavior. Absolutely despicable to think that all I was asking was why it has taken an hour for us to be seated, and how much longer before we could sit (distinctly not forgetting my p's and q's either). I highly do not recommend this place, unless you love rude staff and (lets be honest) average food.

Horrible staff.

Posted by: Zaki on 16 Jan ' 12 at 15:03
  • Best for: Family friendly

Jones the Grocer has excellent food and woderful dessert. The grilled salmon and the jones wagyu burger is what I highly recommend for main course. For dessert definately I recommend the caramel slice and the cheese cake.

Posted by: Ibrahim R on 04 Dec ' 11 at 07:05
  • Best for: Family friendly

We had a breakfast yesterday and it was amazing. The omelet and the sandwiches are very delicious. The service was nice and we got the order within minutes. It is well organized with variety of Delicious food.
It is a bit noisy so I wont go alone to read or coffeeing
The location is good but nothing indicate that there is a resturant here until we open the doors of the gray building!

Well diffidently go there next weekend :)

Posted by: Moza on 05 Nov ' 11 at 14:44

Posted by: Jo on 28 Oct ' 11 at 12:24
  • Best for: Family friendly

Too dissapointed! It took about an hour to get an omellette an a little poach egg! No apologies or explanation from the staff who ignored us for sometime. Very disorganized. Dont go there on a Friday unless you order your breakfast on Thursday ! maybe you are lucky then.
Supervisor or Restaurant Manager seemed to be lost and confused about what his duties were. He looks like the take away/Cashier person in Macdonalds he never walked around to check any of his customers. we requested to talk to him but he never came (we went to the place were he stands most of the time (next to the kitchen) and although he offered an apology for the mess He tried to explain in other words that if too many people come ; they dont know how to handle it and it may take time ! So everybody has to wait for whatever it takes 1 hour ? perhaps? ... Very Bad Service.

Posted by: Mo on 26 Oct ' 11 at 13:02

Have heard about this place, but seriously upon arriving I was surprised. Completely uninterested staff, after standing around for a couple of minutes, I had to ask to be seated. Staff completely ignore you and when you sit down it takes forever for them to come.

The menu was interesting, but most items were out of stock (perhaps half the items) which wasn't too impressive.

Food decidedly average, even the most expensive mains available.

The concept is interesting, but the delivery is absolutely terrible.

I hope they sort it out.

Posted by: Shomaki on 18 Oct ' 11 at 13:36

The food was okay but the service was soooo bad. I found the waitresses not welcoming and rude unless ofcourse they have been forced to work at Jones. Someone should teach them how to smile.

Posted by: Gareth on 28 Sep ' 11 at 16:58
  • Best for: Business lunch

Nice location spoiled by appalling service and badly prepared food. The wait for the food seems interminable and no change when pressed.

When ordering a steak sandwich I was asked how I wanted it. Despite asking for rare it came blackened to a crisp. The grilled chicken was extremely dry.

Clearly a bit of a hotspot right now but not worth the hassle.

Posted by: Reem on 24 Sep ' 11 at 11:10
  • Best for: Brunch served

2 out of 5 dishes ordered had hair in them. All we got from the floor manager were excuses rather than an apology.

Posted by: racha on 12 Sep ' 11 at 07:43
  • Best for: Family friendly

they open at 8 am during the week and 9am on weekends. not 10 am as you mentioned, pls rectify. thanks

Posted by: Aditya Rajaram on 14 Aug ' 11 at 08:56
  • Best for: Business lunch

I just moved to Dubai and I was intent on finding a good quality grocer, A Trader Joe's or Fresh Market if you will. I was told about Jones the Grocer and did some research. Clearly, it wasn't enough. I was unpleasantly surprised by the lack of produce available. Their coffees, teas, breads, cheeses were plentiful but I wanted some greens, a lot of greens.

Being ramadan unfortunately I could not try the food and I did not want take away because I wanted to try the food fresh. I guess this place is more known for the food made at sight that the traditional grocery items.

So I ended buying fresh coffee and multi-grain bread. The coffee artisan was quite helpful asking me all sorts of detailed questions which I gladly answered thinking I was going to get the worlds best coffee. Instead, I got good coffee. And the bread, well that was excellent. They are still waiting on their automatic slicer so some days I get a massive slice, and other days I get a sliver. Either way it was amazing bread.

Will give it a shot again though, the lunch and pastries must be delicious.

P.S. get some more greens will ya!

Posted by: Patrick on 09 Aug ' 11 at 10:40

We ate on a Saturday morning. The queue was going out the door but the food qulaity was amazing and worth the wait. We were also told how long the expected wait would be, which was a great gesture.

Nice selection of drinks however some of them were not available - which I assume is down to the busy numbers they are getting.

It's definitely a place that will prove to be popular in Dubai!


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