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The Lime Tree Café & Kitchen

Nominated for Best Café 15 Comments

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It scores top points for ambience and quality of food – the beef shipped in from the chain’s native New Zealand is succulent and perfectly cooked. The concept here works expertly. You choose what you want from the freshly prepared and incredibly tempting selection of meals at the counter, order and pay at the tills. Take a number and head to your seat and wait for staff to bring it over. Service is impressively swift, even at weekends when the café gets particularly busy. Don't be put off by the long queues at the counter though, because staff fly through the orders. And you won't have to wait very long for your food to arrive either. Waiters are attentive polite and efficient, and able to recommend food quickly and successfully. We particularly like the beef salad with roasted vegetables, carrot cake and triple berry smoothie. Also not to be missed is the flat white, which is as authentic as it gets in this city.
Open daily 8am-6pm. Beach Road, Jumeirah www.thelimetreecafe.com (04 349 8498).

By Time Out Dubai staff
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Posted by: Elif on 11 May ' 13 at 14:28
  • Best for: Family friendly

Great place to start the weekend. It is so lively that it makes you feel good. Food is very good compared to other cafes and restaurants with the same price range. From now on, we will be there every weekend!

Posted by: Michael on 06 May ' 13 at 15:42

Poor service, poor food quality and reminds of the army. No refunds, no exchanges and last but not least poorly trained staff with no smile. Get in tune with the times.

Suitable for people who eat beans out of a can.

Posted by: Karim Hanna on 02 May ' 13 at 09:09

I didn't rate this establishment highly. Service is poor and the food quality at par with a fast food restaurant at best.

I ordered the banger sandwich which clearly said:"Chicken sausages, beef bacon and LT Tomato Puree". Instead i got a lot of cheese sandwich with a sausage and a slice of bacon. Something one would get in the army. I called the waiter who sent me the rude woman at the cashier. She said we clearly mention the cheese in another menu. I said i can't have cheese i'm allergic. She said well then there's nothing i could do. No exchange, no refund? No.

So i walked out hungry after forking out AED 88 for my wife and I. Management had the same attitude. Very surprising service.

Posted by: Sharon on 30 Mar ' 13 at 11:35

Since when does Lime Tree get away with not advertising prices on its menu? This surely must be illegal. I'm disappointed with the arrogance we received when we asked how much everything was at the counter, like she didn't have time - well, too bad, if you can't write a price on a chalkboard, you have to then wait for us to make a decision at the cash register. Only good thing about this place now is that they've finally changed the coffee to something drinkable, thank god for RAW coffee.

Posted by: Lama on 12 Mar ' 13 at 05:36
  • Best for: Family friendly

Have never been disappointed, they take sandwiches to a whole new level and the desserts are to die for. Service is always good and the homey feel of the decor makes it a great place to relax with family and friends.

Posted by: Christie on 01 Mar ' 13 at 17:28
  • Best for: Family friendly

The food is just nice and the decor is average. Having been around for such a long time makes this place a regular watering hole for the Friday brunchers. I think its the patrons who make Lime Tree what it is today. It definitely has a lively happy feel to it.

I think the service needs improvement. The waiters can at least áct' friendly. Ms Azeema at the cash counter could tone down her arrogance a bit.

Its got a generally happy buzz to it and the overall atmosphere is very nice. I think I will keep going back to Lime Tree. And the food and service are not the main reasons why I will.

Posted by: Shahram G. Maralani on 30 Jun ' 12 at 15:06
  • Best for: Brunch served

Quick order, quick delivery, good taste, nice atmosphere with lively people around.

Posted by: Viviane on 23 Jan ' 12 at 10:19
  • Best for: Business lunch

The outdoor seating and the upper terrace is what makes this place different.I realize it is supposed to be fusion food but sometimes there are just too many ingredients thrown together, and one loses out on the real taste of things.
The one sore point is the service. The ladies taking your order are very nice but the waiters usually sport sour faces, look harassed and fed up and they dump the food in front of you almost rudely, on the run. I believe it is because they never get a tip! Once the food has been paid for downstairs, no one even thinks of tipping those guys who run all day up and down the stairs...paying and tipping become 2 separate actions and psychologically no one is ready to open their wallet twice! So I blame it on the system rather than on the waiters themselves.

Posted by: Henna Mohnani on 24 Sep ' 11 at 06:58
  • Best for: Brunch served

Lime Tree Cafe has the best carrot cake in town. The cake is so moist and fresh that one can't resist binging on it.

Love the decor of the cafe as it has got a homely feel to it, which is apt for long conversations over the table :)

I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who wants to have a chilled out, non-fancy meal. Cheers!

Posted by: Editorial team on 19 Dec ' 10 at 11:16

This message is to John on 19 Nov ' 10 at 20:55:

Lime Tree cafe is still open. Call ahead for opening times but we were there at the weekend and it is as good as ever.

Posted by: John on 19 Nov ' 10 at 20:55

Unfortunately, we went to try the lime tree cafe today for the first time, but discovered that the restaurant has closed down. :(

Posted by: Noel on 08 Jul ' 10 at 04:45
  • Best for: Family friendly

I worked in Dubai for over two years before returning to Australia. I have since been back a number of times for a holiday and The Lime Tree is a place I routinely visit due to the quality of its food. It is casual, yet friendly and the food is consistently of a high quality.
I am addicted to the signature dish of the Carrot Cake - often wanting to explore the various other delectable treats on offer, but not being able to draw myself away from the Carrot Cake force field.
Overall, the cafe deserves high praise for its consistency over a long period of time.
I will keep coming back to Dubai - and this cafe is one of the lures that gets me here...

Posted by: mazen on 17 Mar ' 09 at 15:00

Posted by: insomnia on 15 Mar ' 09 at 09:54
  • Best for: Family friendly

Food is great, yummy, wholesome and inventive, I have no idea why is only averages 2 stars to date???? Some people have no taset at all!!!

Posted by: David on 22 Oct ' 08 at 05:01
  • Best for: Family friendly

The best thing about Lime tree is its dislocation from a shopping mall. Entering through its cool green walls feels like a European great escape - especially in Ramadan where it's something of an Oasis for non-Muslims.

On Fridays the cafe is particularly busy, and for that reason not that comfortable. Given the limited number of rivals in the area - Paul's, The Village, and More - its menu begins to tire quickly. It's boring having the same thing over and over again. That said, you can't blame the Lime Tree for a lack of rivals.

Food is very average - and the much hyped carrot cake impressive only for its girth. It's huge, but bland and unlikely to be the subject of the alchemy of Dubai's horde of desperate housewives.


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