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The dark-wood interior and clatter from the open kitchens make Urbano a great place to dine out with little ones. Firstly, the acoustics ensure any noisy kiddie chatter is well-absorbed, and because Urbano is spacious, you can be far enough away from other more grown-up diners to relax and enjoy your meal. We enjoy the extensive adult menu, which serves up a range of enticing offerings, including gloriously fresh antipasti, while the main courses comprise of mouth-watering roasted sea bass, rack of lamb and wood-oven baked pizza. We happily tuck in while the children enjoy their traditional and tasty kids serving of spaghetti bolognaise. We like the fact that they also get to choose their own antipasti and pudding, and have a choice of fresh juices to drink, all for the princely sum of Dhs49 per nipper.
Open daily from 10.30am-midnight. Souk Al Bahar, Ground Floor, www.urbanorestaurants.com (04 435 5777).

By Time Out Dubai staff
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Posted by: RL on 11 Dec ' 12 at 09:58

Looking for Italian food in Dubai.
This is one of great and value for money places.

Posted by: Lili on 21 Nov ' 12 at 15:49

I love italian food, so I decided to give it a try. I felt disappointed, totally.

Food quality is quite average and portions are so small! I ordered Spagetti carbonara, "regular" size. AED 40. What I got was a big plate with a tiny portion of pasta. I felt they were laughing at me. For that price, you could find a much bigger portion (I mean, an actual "regular" portion) nearly any place in Dubai AND cooked in a better way!

Service was really slow. It took 10 minutes at least only for the diet pepsi to come (the place was almost empty) and I didnt get my food till 30 minutes later.

View of the fountain is amazing from the restaurant, but that's all. I wouldn't come back nor recommend it to anyone.

There are better places in Dubai where you feel what you eat is well worth the money you spend.

Posted by: Frédéric on 02 Mar ' 12 at 08:31
  • Best for: Family friendly

Urbano is an Italian restaurant located in the Souk Al Bahar with a terrace overlooking the Fountains (best tourist place in Dubai).

The framework is quite simple, wooden table and some chairs. The menu offers a selection of Italian dishes such as antipasti, salads, main input, pasta dishes or pizzas. Also some meat or fish are available.

Our choice fell on:
- Selection of antipasti (Feta, Mozzarella, Chorizo​​, Chicken Salami)
- Basket of Focaccia with olive oil
- Penne with tomato sauce and mascarpone
- Penne with chicken and rocket
- 1l San Pellegrino

The antipasti were beautifully presented on a tray. Special mention for the hot chorizo​​, excellent. The basket of focaccia also a good idea with this mix olive oil and vinegar. By cons, in flat big disappointment for my pasta sauce and mascarpone, a little dull and nothing special.

The service is fast but lacks smile and kindness.
In the end, you pay for the situation but the food is not up to the framework. Damage.

Total price of the meal (AED 221)

Areas for improvement: kitchen a little dull. Especially in pasta dishes.

Posted by: Pedro on 15 Sep ' 11 at 00:45
  • Best for: Family friendly

I'm a tourist from spain.
i like Italian food, i have been in dubai for one month, i visited more that 70 restaurants in dubai with my family.
Urbano was one of the best restaurant in dubai, good prices, great welcome from the hostess, tasty food ( Goat's cheese salad, pene mascarpone and beef fillet) friendly service.
i liked the view of the restaurant and its open kitchen. my wife was very happy to find in the end someone who speaks spanish and explain for her the menu as i was watching the fountain from the terrasse, and i was surprised that was one young moroccan chef who left the kitchen and took the order.
after that i found in website that Urbano is one of jumeirah group and resort.

Posted by: Kamal_P on 17 Apr ' 11 at 08:14

Food : below par, no flavour. Pastas were bland and small portions. Pizzas were better - the Vegetariana good. Funghi & Chicken was horrible. Chicken bits smelt and tasted foul. Absolutely not worth the tab.

Drinks : Mocktails were good.

Service : Very very poor service. Thursday nights are busy its no excuse for the staff to be unpleasant, inattentive and downright rude in their service. They had enough staff to be able to attend however none did, until you called them aloud & motioned them to visit your table. Hate doing so but no choice when left waiting for intervals of 10-20minutes without an eye contact by passing waiters. Starters arrived 40 minutes from placing order, main course 1hour 30min later.

Location & Ambience: located next to the entrance of Souk al Bahar (near Burj Khalifa) as you approach from Dubai Mall so location and view from the terrace is fantastic, décor was tasteful and I like that they went with no clutter & more light themes. No compliments however for service and food! Exorbitant prices for below par food.

Posted by: Asha on 16 Apr ' 11 at 08:25

We went there expecting authentic (or atleast close!) Italian fare but came back hugely diasappointed with the lacklustre food & service better suited to a foodcourt!

Food : The menu had all the usual suspects that you'd find in the average so-called Italian restaurants in Dubai. The veg pizza was ok but the chicken pieces in the funghi pizza were stale & smelly. We ordered two types of pastas and both were bland and tasteless. The only saving grace was my lemon and mint juice which was quite refreshing.

Service : Non-existant. It took us a good 15 minutes to get the waiter's attention and even then it looked like he was doing us a favour by taking our order.

Ambience : The location is good with the a nice view from the terrace area overlooking the fountain. But the inside of the restaurant is quite large and empty and decor quite ordinary.

Price : Very high & a complete rip-off for the abysmal quality of food & service provided.

Posted by: sameera on 16 Apr ' 11 at 08:06

Definitely not worth the money. the service is quite unprofessional. we were made to wait for over half an hour for drinks (water and tea). our order was taken after insisting them for a long time. all waiters were pointing to their colleagues to take our orders, however no one came in a long time. our food came after another half hour. foul smelling chicken pizza, prawn pasta with prawns that u can count with one hand. i will definitely not recommend this restaurant esp to people who dress modest and look simple.

Posted by: janice on 18 Mar ' 11 at 07:51
  • Best for: Business lunch

urbano best dinning expeience .they look after family very well.very nice selection of menu and everytime you go thy have something special for the day.
my kids love the place for their kiddy pizza and pasta deal.
good food ,friendly service and daily special and good location...............love to go again and again

Posted by: Abdullah on 05 Mar ' 11 at 18:55
  • Best for: Family friendly

I love it and the waiter his name Ibrahim he was excellent
I was their last week I had starter and main course and side order plus sweet and cost only 160 dhs I was surprised coz the food quality and quantity worth more

Posted by: Kim Barlow on 22 Oct ' 10 at 11:27
  • Best for: Family friendly

I went over to Urbano with my husband and 3 kids and the minute we walked in we were greated with a warm welcome.The receptsionest took real good care of my kids and kept them entertained with baloons and colour paper.the food was excellent and everything arrived on time.Our waitor was very friendly and gave us very good service.We had a very good view of the fountain. I would definatly go back to urbano and recommend it to my friends and family. Keep up the good work.

Posted by: Claire woods on 06 Oct ' 10 at 08:48
  • Best for: Family friendly

Took my husband and kids. Waiters really good with the children. Food tasty and fast. great views. Nice place

Posted by: sahar on 02 Oct ' 10 at 18:12
  • Best for: Family friendly

the venue is lovely but too big and was totaly empty, yet the service was very slow and unprofessional... food was barely average, and very poor. i hope they read these reviews to understand their situation.... and try to do something about it!!!

Posted by: Gus on 19 Jun ' 10 at 17:05

This place was excelent. It is NO MORE! I dont advice anyone to go, The last time we went the service was terrible and the food was the worst my family and I had in Dubai. I felt sick after eating my Pizza. My daughter who would eat any kind of Pasta you put infront of her ate 2 pices and left the rest. We used to love going there for a decent Pizza and a good pasta. Lat time I go. Still feeling sick today from the few slices I ate.

Posted by: Shamsa on 12 Mar ' 10 at 11:12
  • Best for: Family friendly

Got a great view but the service and food is average. Nothing really impressive to make me go back

Posted by: antonio on 21 Dec ' 09 at 21:24
  • Best for: Family friendly

i use to go there quit often,but since all the italian people left,you can feel it s not the same thing anymore,actually you can t call it italian restaurant anymore,just have a look to the kitchen pass,you see only the chef that doesn t look good at all,and the floor staff too,i suggest prego or even stefano if you d like to eat really italian food,It s a shame,at the beginning this place was amazing

Posted by: Samer on 22 Aug ' 09 at 17:34
  • Best for: Family friendly

I want to thanks urbano staff for a lovely experience.

Posted by: maria on 21 Aug ' 09 at 16:45

Went back but where are the italians chefs?is not anymore the Urbano i knew,they lost the real taste

Posted by: Sarah on 13 Jul ' 09 at 12:17

Went because of the location and because of some of the reviews on here. While the restaurant itself is lovely to look at, the food, service and prices were just terrible.

I normally use the readers reviews on timeoutdubai.com to help choose which restaurant to go to, but obviously a few people here have had a very different experience to the bland, slow and expensive service we recieved.

Posted by: Luca on 02 Jul ' 09 at 15:31
  • Best for: Family friendly

Nice Restaurant! Is the unique in Dubai (and I think also in the Middle East) with 4/5 italian nationality.

I'm italian and belive me, if you want to try the really and authentic "Italian" food you must be in Italy!

Posted by: Alice on 01 Jul ' 09 at 15:47
  • Best for: Family friendly

Simple but good italian cuisine.
I really like Urbano.

Posted by: Mary on 21 Jun ' 09 at 13:22
  • Best for: Family friendly

Posted by: Ian Glover on 18 Jun ' 09 at 07:17
  • Best for: Family friendly

The fountains make this restaurant.
The staff are friendly but need to up the speed a little. we had a family of four and it costs us 280 dirhams which is the best value we have had in Dubai on opur holiday. The pizza was great.

Posted by: Mark on 13 Jun ' 09 at 08:42
  • Best for: Family friendly

Thank goodness for Carluccio's. What has happened to Urbano in the last 2 months, i use to eat there at least 3 times a week now i would never go back. Bad food, bad service and a don't care attitude. It is a real shame to see a restaurant that had such potential go down hill so rapidly. Lets hope they can rekindle the passion for food and service.

Posted by: Tarek on 01 Jun ' 09 at 06:46
  • Best for: Family friendly

It's 1 of the best italian restaurants I was in dubai .....I love the view on the fountain and enjoy my food to the same time.....just amazing.....the staff members are also amazing .....especially the runners....they are doing a very good job ....without them, things wont work so fluently.....
I can highly recommend to visit Urbano.....

Posted by: Luca on 08 Apr ' 09 at 13:54
  • Best for: Family friendly

Nice, nice restaurant! Really Italian "simple" authentic cousine. Very friendly both Italian Chef

Posted by: anthony on 30 Mar ' 09 at 12:48
  • Best for: Family friendly

it s amazing seeing italian people in the floor, the two italian boys are amazing, thanks for the wonderful experience

Posted by: David on 15 Feb ' 09 at 13:41
  • Best for: Business lunch

I have been there more then 10 times in the short time i have been in Dubai ,the service gets better all the time,sometimes the food drops in standard slightly, they have the best coffee in town,but they must have lost their original barista,as the machiato and strong latte are not the same anymore"bring him back please "
overall the restaurant is hard to beat as long as they keep up the service and at good value,shortly the place will be hard to get into without a booking , specially if you want outside tables
it has become my second home

Posted by: Mehmet Geveci on 09 Jan ' 09 at 14:26
  • Best for: Family friendly

Posted by: frank scheunert on 09 Jan ' 09 at 13:48
  • Best for: Family friendly

excellent quality like in italy i go there 3 times a week

Posted by: Nick on 09 Jan ' 09 at 08:25
  • Best for: Family friendly

So there seems to a lot of contradicting comments on Urbano some seem to love it others seem to dislike it.

I think you need to understand what they are trying to achieve. You would not go to McDonalds for three star Michelin food nor would you go to three star restauarnts if you just wanted a pizza.

What Urbano does well it does well; mediumly priced, simply food in a friendly atmosphere with a great location and even better terrace.

Yes maybe you can critise elements of the food and the service, but when i last checked Dubai is not in Tuscany so sourcing 'non dull' product in season (does Dubai have seasons as all food is imported??) is difficult at best and if that what was they were trying to achieve then you would be looking at a second job just to support your food habits...

In summary as somebody who lives in the local area it does what it sets out to do very reasonable and yes sometimes its not quite as good as other times but on the whole its a good package.

You read lots of great reviews on Time Out to be constantly disappointed by the 'NAME CHEF' brigade ala Atlantis The Palm Hotel which is constantly bad and allways incredibly expensive.

Dubai is difficult at best for a decent meal at an affordable price and this is where Urbano sets itself a great benchmark.

Recommended... See for yourself....

Posted by: Yaghi on 09 Jan ' 09 at 08:10
  • Best for: Business lunch

This is an approach to Natalias email. I am the owner of 5 star hotel and have other F&B related companies.
I have been to Urbano 3 times within a week and not a single time either service nor food was nothing but exceptional!!!!
The menu selection is very nice and the descriptions are accurate. They waiter are always happy to offer you some specials.
So if Natalia might have difficulties to read the menu, I would recommend a fast food retaurant, where you have pictues on the wall and you choose from them!
Even something is not ok, Management is always around to answer questions.

Posted by: Bella on 08 Jan ' 09 at 15:14
  • Best for: Family friendly

I have been a few times now and really enjoyed my food and found the staff very friendly and attentive. The pizza is probably the best I have had in Dubai and the chef is really clever with sauces - delish!

Posted by: R.Villanueva Vallanca on 08 Jan ' 09 at 14:33
  • Best for: Family friendly

Friendly staff, view is understandable that the area is still under constructions.

Tiramisu was excellent along with the ice cream.

Spaghetti with seafoods is really excellent taste.

Need to have more choices of menu in the main course.

Posted by: Natalia Deans on 08 Jan ' 09 at 05:06
  • Best for: Business lunch

My overall experience was extremely disappointing. What a waste of an amazing view! The service standards were appalling, if you look beyond being greeted in Italian (which is nice, but easy) to when you actually have to discuss the menu (a true test) they fall flat on their face. For a waiter to not know which vegetables are on a vegetarian pizza is unacceptable... even worse, to not ask and come back with the right information is downright lazy.

The food is mediocre at best, service substandard, view terrific. You decide what's important to you when dining... service and food to me rank pretty high, which is why I wouldn't not go back. I'm not inclined to pay for a great view and nothing else. Or just have coffee, if you really have to. Hopefully, they won't get that wrong.

Posted by: Ali on 06 Jan ' 09 at 06:52
  • Best for: Family friendly

ok then.. the problem is that Dubai is filled with Italian joints and for Urbano to come out on top it has alot of work to do since there are some great Italian restaurants out there. I would say that the food is generally ok but I've had better and the portions are small. The only great thing about this restaurant is the location. The terrace is fantastic and once the construction is over people will visit just to sit outside.

I would say that the size of the restaurant also doesnt do justice to the place. It's too big and when you enter it's always empty except for the terrace. If the restaurant was smaller you would most definitely have a much better ambience and feel to the place.

The service is not great but adequate. I would say there are too many staff in the place and again the size of the place doesnt help.

To sum up Urbano could do well if managed in the right way and there is alot of competition out there!

Posted by: George on 06 Jan ' 09 at 04:58
  • Best for: Business lunch

When the construction outside will be finished, the ambience will be fantastic

Posted by: Sara on 06 Jan ' 09 at 04:51
  • Best for: Family friendly

I don't agree too with time out. i am italian and for me was the 1st time that i really had true italian food! the dishes are not too elaborate and this is what i was expecting, simple but good italian cuisine.
maybe the portions are a bit small, but this is the only negative point of the restaurant. anyway Urbano means Urban in italian, so i am not sure that they want to give they idea of a countryside place, actually i think is the complete opposite, but with an italian touch. that means creating an environment urban but warm, familiar.
the food was excellent, pasta not overcooked, perfect!
i would recommend to go to Urbano to everyone who wants to eat good food and to eat good food in a warm, fresh and pleasant environment!

Posted by: abdul on 05 Jan ' 09 at 15:33
  • Best for: Business lunch

I really like Urbano. I am emerati and it is the first restaurant with style, good food and great service at the same time.
I felt real welcome there and my business colleagues liked it too

Posted by: jhon on 05 Jan ' 09 at 06:23
  • Best for: Family friendly

very good fantastic

Posted by: clair on 05 Jan ' 09 at 05:32
  • Best for: Family friendly

I do not really agree with time out. I love that place. It is great value,real italian food, great personal service and a great athmosphere.
I was there with friends and we had a blast. The terrace, although still surrounded by constructionwork is a hot spot and I am sure, once this fountain is done, this is a place where you have to book at least 2 weeks ahead.
The food was delicious. The pastas finaly al denta, not overcooked, as in any other Italian restaurant in town, the pizzas were great also and not even talk about the deserts!
Anyone, who wants to have good food and service together in a Dubai restaurant should go visit Urbano


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