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Social House

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This huge space on the lower-ground floor of The Dubai Mall is an eclectic addition to its many dining options. Weather permitting, the best seats are on the terrace or the conservatory-style patio, guaranteeing a prime view over the Dubai Fountain. The ambitious menu aims to cover all corners of the globe, ordered by East and West, with everything from sushi to oven-baked pizza and curries. There’s also a large breakfast menu with extended weekend service, plus a kid-specific set menu. Laden with tomatoes, cheese and meat, the breakfast pizza goes down particularly well – while the prawn curry from the small items menu is served in a thick, spiced gravy, with plenty of buttery parathas to scoop up the entire dish. The set kids’ menu is also a hit, with crayons and colouring in sheets, and the usual favourites, including tomato-y pasta washed down with free fizzy drinks and followed by a generous scoop of ice cream. The one let-down for families is the lack of loos inside the venue (you have to venture into the mall), but otherwise, it’s a solid option if you’ve got a family of fussy eaters, thanks to the vast choice and tasty fare.
Open Sun-Wed 9am-10.30pm, Thu-Sat 9am-midnight. Lower Ground Floor, Dubai Mall (04 339 8640).

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Posted by: hha on 30 Nov ' 12 at 07:59
  • Best for: Family friendly

Social House
Normal restaurant on 1 (Ground level) a floor Dubai mall.
There is a Russian-speaking menu though Russian-speaking waiters aren't present. A direction of kitchen hasn't understood, I think more European, ordered chicken beaters, a hen in mint sauce, French fries for the child, what that a baked pudding from cheese a mozzarella and 3 various natural juice (to taste and a kind new squeezed out). To a portion averages, on plates remains nothing. It is edible, even it is tasty hardly exotically. The personnel affable, basically Filipinos. The premise is spacious, not magnificent, but quite convenient, a moderate decor. The main thing not cold and not hot. Behind some little tables a kind on fountains. The account has made 218 dirhams (48 euros or 60$). Has paid 220 together with tip.

Posted by: SIdharth Krishnan on 14 Oct ' 12 at 10:39
  • Best for: Business lunch

Generally speaking, I had a great time eating at The Social House. But I don't think it was because of their food. The location and ambience of the social house is amazing. It feels good to sit next to the fountains. But if you're coming to enjoy the food, I would not recommend this restaurant. They have variety but no quality. I was surprised that such a restaurant good have such tasteless food.

Posted by: Zain shar on 14 Oct ' 12 at 10:32
  • Best for: Romantic

This was the most amazing food evaah, just loved it.

Posted by: Gorky on 30 Apr ' 12 at 12:39
  • Best for: Brunch served

The problem with this restaurant is that the food quality really depends on the number of people they are serving(crowded means you will have trouble) and very inconsistent. I went there like twenty times till this day and I won't be going anymore. Because I always take my friends and visitors coming here to spend some comfortable time there watching the fountain and dining but last two times I was really embarrassed. Here's what happened on my last two visits.
1- One of my elder guests had turned his chair a little bit to watch the show and he was warned by the waiter that he should change the position of his seat to be comfortable. As my guest doesn't speak English I warned to waiter back to be polite and he apologized. Of course this is nothing compared to weevils in my rice, I just didn't eat it neither sent back to avoid disgust in front of my guests.
2- This time a price tag "22.40" :) was in my pasta. It was too obvious as I had no chance to hide it from my guests I sent it back. New one came and it was delicious but my appetite was not there anymore.

So in short although I really love the place, I wish there was some other place at that location instead of social house with the same decor and ambiance. I won't be going anymore.

Posted by: elle on 14 Aug ' 10 at 07:49

Food portion's too small for my liking! I rather spend their menu prices elsewhere with bigger and quality meals.

The ambience/ interior was the only thing i'll go back for.

Posted by: Alex on 03 Aug ' 10 at 09:39

Went there twice with a friend, and will not be coming back. Agree with the review: the menu looks very enticing, however, actual dishes served are not. And don't get me started on the service... Horrid! We waited 20 minutes just for the starters, another 30 minutes fo the entrees, and 20 minutes more for dessert... None of which was good enough to justify the waiting. The tiramisu was a disgrace, the lady fingers tasted stale, and the cream was watery. They forgot one of the dishes. Since we were complaining, we ended up getting a 10% discount but sill not worth it... Not like in Okku, when after reminding the waiter about my Martini, I ended up getting it for free with a nice apology :).

Posted by: Dianna on 03 Aug ' 10 at 05:14
  • Best for: Brunch served

I was very happy to see Social House opened in Dubai and visiting Dubai I invited my friends to try it out. I was absolutely appalled, disgusted and embarrassed for the restaurant. I am not sure if this is the same owner or chef as the one in Jakarta or maybe a Franchise but there is a very big difference with the food and the service. There was no specific person who took care of our table to begin with, the wait staff just come and go with no manners and absolutely untrained. Unlike in Jakarta, they are all friendly and would treat you like you are a regular diner even its your first time. Social House Jakarta has class, this is one big joke. I am very embarrassed because I was the one who insisted to go there after two friends saying they experienced tasteless food and lousy service.

The food is a whole different story. Servers taking wrong orders, even the drinks were wrong! That Wagyu burger was mediocre and prawns were not fresh and bland. The fish smelled, undercooked. Maybe the cooks are not from the ones in Jakarta. The one in Jakarta, I think has a real chef, who obviously knows how to impress people with good cooking. Social House Jakarta is one of the best restaurants. This is a very big disappointment if Social House Dubai could not stand up to the standards of the one in Jakarta. Maybe the comment is right, this restaurant has no chef, just cooks following recipes from Jakarta. Our total bill was about 600+AED and it was not worth it at all. This restaurant is just lucky because of the location, otherwise, it is just another unremarkable cafe tainting the name of Social House.

Posted by: RAKESH on 29 Jul ' 10 at 16:30
  • Best for: Family friendly

i had celeberated my anniversary ther e....had the most amazing food and most amazing service .......i think it deserves to be the best restaurant in DUBAI MALL

Posted by: elgringo on 29 Jul ' 10 at 14:32

Terrible food, looks like there is no chef onboard. once again pathetic dubai arrogance...a rip off

Posted by: Rakesh Malhotra on 28 Jul ' 10 at 21:36
  • Best for: Family friendly

I think its a great place, they have large menu. cocept is great food comes fast you dont have to wait. share the food and socialize.
keep it up.

Posted by: Jenna on 27 Jul ' 10 at 15:37

Had dinner last nite with my friends and were awfully disappointed with the service. At first the Indian waiter took our order wrong, served the second order of hamour fish not well cooked. We were starving and so had to finish what's been served to us. The bread basket for AED16/- were small (expected that breads are normally served complimentary?). Then to top it all, the waiters kept coming back to our table clearing whatever plate or glass they could get (felt stressed out as i felt we were being hurried to finish the food and leave). We should have sticked to our fave MORE restaurant that has a lovely branch at the Dubai Mall (and yeah they do serve a fresly baked bread complimentary!). So much for the "lets try the other new restaurants". Promising new place but first hand experienced were shocking.


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